Square Enix Chooses Polygon for Its First NFT Game, Symbiogenesis

Symbiogenesis is a web3 digital collectible art experience first revealed in November last year.
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Quick take:

  • Square Enix has joined Polygon’s gaming ecosystem.
  • Symbiogenesis, the video game developer’s first NFT game will launch on the Ethereum scaling blockchain.
  • The interactive web3 digital art experience is scheduled for launch in the Spring of 2023.

Polygon has announced a partnership with Square Enix to bring the video game maker’s first NFT game to its ecosystem. Symbiogenesis is a web3 digital collectible art experience that can be used both as a profile picture on social media and as a playable character in a story built in a standalone world.

Square Enix joins a growing list of companies in Polygon’s huge portfolio of partners. Last November last year, Polygon announced a partnership with Magic Eden, integrating the NFT platform into its gaming ecosystem. Recently, Twitch co-founder, Justin Kan’s NFT gaming platform Fractal also joined Polygon.

The Layer 2 scaling blockchain has become the preferred destination for several web3 gaming projects Planet IX, the biggest GameFi project on the platform, Zed Run, Crazy Defense Heroes, and AAA games maker Karmaverse, among others.

Symbiogenesis allows players to unlock numerous engaging stories about the game and its inhabitants based on their digital collectible art assets, which they can earn by completing missions.

Players can also replicate and sell their digital art characters, thus allowing them to share their unique storylines with the community. 

Although the game offers players multiple endings, only three players meeting certain requirements can participate in the final “World Mission”.

Commenting on the decision to launch on Polygon, Square Enix’s  Symbiogenesis producer Naoyuki Tamate said: “Symbiogenesis was designed from the ground up on the blockchain and is designed to provide an exceptional experience for both community building and trading. Square Enix opted to tap into Polygon’s high transaction speeds, low gas fees, and overall user-friendliness to deliver this unique experience to Web3 fans.”

The game will initially offer utility items off-chain, but players will still be able to trade them on-chain on Polygon. The company is also launching a promo campaign to help prospective players familiarise themselves with the game ahead of the launch in the Spring.

Urvit Goel, Vice President of Global Games and Platform Business Development at Polygon Labs commented: “We are extremely proud to collaborate with Square Enix, a highly respected gaming company with a proven track record spanning over several decades. “Our latest collaboration just goes to show that Web3 is decisively getting more and more traction among the world’s largest developers, proving yet again that this innovative stack of technologies and the benefits they bestow have massive potential when it comes to gaming.”


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