Spanish Retailer Mango Dives Into the Metaverse Craze with 3 Artworks and 3 Wearables

Leading Spanish retailer Mango has joined the metaverse craze with 3 artworks and 3 wearables set to debut in the metaverse Museum District of Decentraland.
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Quick take:

  • Mango has leapt into the metaverse training with 3 artworks and 3 wearables.
  • The Spanish retailer will debut its crypto products in the metaverse Museum District of Decentraland.
  • Mango’s 3D design teams partnered with crypto artist Farkas to create the artworks.

Spanish retailer Mango has become the latest brand to join the metaverse craze. The company’s 3D design team has collaborated with popular crypto artist Farkas to create the artworks.

According to the announcement, Mango will debut its crypto products in the metaverse Museum District of Decentraland. Together with the Argentine-Hungarian artist based in Buenos Aires, Mango will showcase the Mango Metagirl, Mango Ad Astra, and Hanna art pieces in the Clouds for a month.

Mango drew inspiration from its products to design the artworks, which will be exhibited at the coordinates 13.82 in Decentraland’s Museum District.

The art pieces will also be uploaded to the OpenSea NFT marketplace but won’t be available for auction.

The company has also announced it is launching three wearables in commemoration of the Metaverse Fashion Week. Farkas was involved in designing the first wearable, which is a virtual reproduction of the Lupi dress, which represents the Meditteranean values and culture that Mango is built on.

The company said the NFT won’t be sold, but rather, will be added to its historical catalogue. The other two NFTs will be two T-Shirts, one for men and the other for women. Mango plans to make 50 units of the T-Shirt NFTs with 49 set to be gifted to virtual event attendees while one will remain property of the retailer. 

The company’s entry into the metaverse is part of its strategy to strengthen its ecosystem channels by creating new engagement channels with its partners and customer. It is also a show of commitment to digital innovation as remains in-sync with the Gen-Z customer.

Commenting on the company’s metaverse announcement, Jordi Álex, director of technology, data, privacy and security at Mango said:

“We have created a specific team dedicated to the development of digital content, where new professionals will be joining in the coming months, in order to develop new projects in the future that will allow us to add the virtual environment to the digital and physical environments in our channel ecosystem.”

The company is following in the footsteps of leading fashion brands that have launched their metaverse campaigns including Gucci and Hugo Boss from Europe, and several US retailers.

“Mango’s development in the metaverse environment is yet another example of the company’s innovative character and its strategy based on constant innovation,” Álex added.

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