Sorare Launches NFT-based NBA Fantasy Sports Game in Beta

This is the NBA’s first partnership with a blockchain gaming company.
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Quick take:

  • NBA fans can assemble and manage teams with NFTs that represent NBA players.
  • Players can start playing with a free card but have the option to purchase NFT cards.
  • Tournament results are based on how NBA players perform in the real world.

NFT fantasy sports gaming platform, Sorare, is adding another sports game to its arsenal as it has launched an NFT-based fantasy basketball game following a multi-year partnership deal with the National Basketball Association (NBA), National Basketball Players Association (NBPA) last month.

In this partnership, Sorare is launching the first officially licensed, free-to-play digital collectible-based fantasy basketball game, which is available in beta starting today, just in time for the NBA’s 2022-23 season.

Sorare’s fantasy sports gaming lineup already includes an NFT-based free-to-play Major Baseball League (MLB) game released this summer, and a popular fantasy football game. The platform’s partnership with MLB expanded the fantasy sports game concept beyond football for the first time.

As with the MLB and football games, players of Sorare’s fantasy NBA game can collect free trading cards or purchase NFT cards. They can start playing with the free card, as well as assemble and manage teams with each NBA player represented by NFT trading cards.

The fantasy basketball teams can enter tournaments, but the results will be based on how the corresponding players perform in the real world.

To start playing, users would have to sign up for an account on Sorare. Following that, users will be able to choose their starting player and build a roster around him and play as either Contender or Champion. Both teams require a five-player lineup and a points cap, with a points value called the ten-game average in order to create fairness in the game. 

The Sorare NBA game has 5,000 Limited cards, 1,000 Rares, 100 Super Rares and 1 Unique. Players can level up their teams in the game by ranking high in tournaments to grow their card collection and win rewards. The cards can then be traded on Sorare’s NFT marketplace. 

Card auctions start at a floor price with an expiration date and time and will be sold to the highest bidder. A higher number of low-scarcity cards will be sold daily but each scarcity tier will be available on the NFT marketplace every day. 

Team managers can use a card once per game week and only use each player once in the same lineup and can enter competitions twice a week from Monday through Thursday and Friday through Sunday.

To bridge the gap between fantasy and reality, Sorare plans to introduce special weekly competitions throughout the season to give out physical rewards like jerseys and tickets and other experiences. 

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