Solana to Open Physical Retail Store and Web3 ‘Cultural Centre’ in New York

Named Solana Spaces, the store is located in Hudson Yards.
Image source: Scott Lewis/Twitter

Quick take:

  • Solana Spaces is launched in collaboration with Solana Foundation.
  • The store has announced Magic Eden as a launch partner.
  • Shoppers can purchase Solana merch and learn about Web3 in the store.

Solana is opening a real-life retail store in New York City, in collaboration with the Solana Foundation, a non-profit organisation behind the blockchain. 

Located in Hudson Yards, the Solana-themed store is named Solana Spaces. It has announced the leading Solana NFT marketplace, Magic Eden, as a launch partner to bring NFT collections to the store including the popular Degenerate Ape Academy.

Solana has been making efforts to enter the mainstream consciousness. The blockchain previously announced a Web3 android phone, and is now following in the footsteps of NFT brands that have gone brick-and-mortar, such as a Bored Ape-themed fast food restaurant which opened in April.

The store wants to be “everyone’s first crypto friend.” On Jul 15, it tweeted: “Inside, you’ll learn how Solana works, what Web3 is. We’ll set you up with a wallet and your first NFTs, and guide you through your first on-chain transactions.” It also said that Spaces was designed to be a cultural centre and embassy for Solana. 

“We’ll be an event host, a launchpad, and a purveyor of Solana culture – including a whole new set of merch, and frequent limited edition collaborations with brands in and outside of crypto,” it added.

Besides Phantom wallet setup and onboarding people to Web3, Spaces will also be hosting an interactive art installation and selling Solana-branded merch emblazoned with phrases commonly used in the Web3 community, such as “degen” and “WAGMI”. 

The Solana-branded merch includes sweaters, caps, socks and limited edition Blanksoles sneakers. Shoppers who paid for their purchases with Solana Pay got a 50% discount on their bills.

There are also tutorials on move-to-earn app, STEPN, and Magic Eden. Visitors can also check out Solana Saga, the blockchain’s Web3 phone. 

Solana Spaces has yet to officially open its doors to the public, but it gave a select group of 30 visitors a preview of the store this past weekend. However, Solana has yet to reveal the official grand opening date of Spaces.

There has been much chatter around the store on social media, and it even caught the attention of Genie founder and Uniswap VP of Product Scott Lewis, who tweeted about it. 

Despite its unsavoury reputation for frequent network halts, Solana is currently one of the top 10 biggest cryptocurrencies by market cap. Within the last year, it has gained considerable traction and a growing user base due to its high speeds, low congestion and low fees.

With the physical store, Solana might just be able to turn its image around, and if not, play a role in pushing the mass adoption of Web3. 

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