Solana Accelerates User Onboarding with Tools that Turn Websites and Apps into Crypto Gateways

The tools use the same concept as Farcaster on Ethereum but can be used on any website, app and QR code including the X platform.
Image: Solana

Quick take:

  • The first product dubbed “Actions” enables users to complete crypto transactions on regular websites, social media platforms and QR codes.
  • Next up for Solana Foundation is a product called “Blinks”, which turns any “Action” into a shareable link.
  • Cubik, Sanctum, Tensor, Realms, Access, and Jupiter are among the teams that have opted in to test Solana’s newest products.

Solana Foundation is introducing new products designed to accelerate the mass onboarding of users to the Solana ecosystem. The organisation has already revealed the first two products dubbed “Actions” and “Blinks”, which have already attracted early adopters including Cubik, Sanctum, Tensor, Realms, Access, Jupiter, Helium, Truffle, Helius, Phantom and Backpack.

The first product, Actions, enables users to complete crypto transactions on regular websites, social media platforms and QR codes, while Blinks turns any “Action” into a shareable link, Solana Foundation said on Tuesday.

Commenting on the announcement, Jon Wong, head of ecosystem engineering at the Solana Foundation said in a statement: “Access to blockchain protocols has long been isolated to dapps and other wallet-aware tools. Actions and blinks on Solana allow any website and application on the internet to be a distribution point for on-chain interactions, furthering the goal of mainstream adoption.”

According to Solana, Blinks leverage the same concept used by Farcaster’s Frames on Ethereum. However, Blinks are not limited to one application, as they can be across websites, social media platforms, apps.

Chris Osborn, founder and CEO of Dialect Labs, a smart messaging protocol based on Solana commented: “Actions and blinks deliver on one of the internet’s original promises: they make experiences portable, shareable, and actionable on any surface. From your X feed you can buy [NFTs], tip a creator, receive money, vote, stake, swap and so much more.”

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