Social Discovery Group Launches Metaverse Dating Service Through

The immersive experiences will allow users to attend virtual parties, events and meetups, as well as, engage in personalized dates.
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  • Social Discovery Group is introducing a metaverse dating service.
  • The company on Tuesday announced a series of dating events on
  • Users of the platform will be able to discover social experiences and participate in parties, events and meetups as well as personalized dates.

Social Discovery Group is bringing dating services to the metaverse. The company announced Tuesday that it is launching a series of dating events and experiences on, one of its more than 40 online dating sites.

This announcement comes barely nine months after online dating app Tinder cancelled its Metaverse plans. The company had previously announced plans to launch Tinderverse, which included an in-app Tinder Coin as currency.

However, thinks that the metaverse could prove a game changer in the online dating economy.

According to the announcement, the new immersive products and services will allow users to “discover social experiences that will leave a lasting impression, and participate in innovative parties, events and meetups as well as personalized dates.”

With the new feature, users can create their own avatars and interact with others in a realistic and immersive environment in the comfort of their homes.

The inaugural event, which took place last month featured multiple games and icebreakers, including movie and TV trivia, said in a press release.

Commenting on the announcement, Maria Sullivan, Vice President and Dating Expert of said: “We are at the forefront of innovation in dating. We are excited to introduce this cutting-edge new feature to our platform as we help bring dating to another dimension. Virtual dating in the metaverse offers a whole new level of intimacy and connection that simply can’t be replicated in traditional online dating. In the Web3 world, distance is truly no boundary to finding a match.”

Metaverse dating apps allow users to wear anonymous avatars protecting their privacy. However, participants can also create avatars that are photo-realistic replicas of themselves given the right 3D technology.

According to Sullivan, who urged modern singles looking to date in the metaverse to keep an open mind about web3, “many of the connections being formed in the virtual world are just as intimate, personal and serious as those that were developed in person or through traditional online dating.”

Sullivan also thinks that metaverse dating can be more about forming intimate relationships, as it allows users to have fun playing games, participating in icebreakers and listening to music.

Metaverse dating can also be used to expand horizons and the dating pool due to its ability to connect a global community in real-time 3D meetings.

KJ Dhaliwal, Chief Strategy Officer of Social Discover Group commented: “Our team has worked hard to create unique virtual experiences that are both innovative and authentic. “We believe this will be a game-changer in the dating industry and we know users will love the opportunity to connect with each other in this new and exciting way.”

Through its more than 40 websites, Social Discovery Group claims to have a user base of over 250 million users spread across more than 100 countries.


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