Smells Like an NFT: Nirvana’s Photographer Auctions NFT Collection to Mark Kurt Cobain’s Birthday

Previously unseen photos of pre-fame Nirvana will be sold as NFTs.
Image source: Pop Legendz

Quick take: 

  • The NFT collection consists of 34 photos from the gig.
  • Winners of the auction will also receive framed physical print of an image.
  • Part of the proceeds will go to non-profit organisations.

Music and pop culture collectible NFT platform Pop Legendz will be releasing never-before-seen photos of Nirvana on Feb 20 to mark what would have been Kurt Cobain’s 55th birthday.

Taken by photographer Faith West just weeks before Nirvana rose to fame, the photos are of the band playing a gig six days after the release of the groundbreaking album, Nevermind, in a small club in Philadelphia in 1991..

NFTs of the photos will be launched as a sale and an auction for Nirvana fans to own a piece of the band’s history. 

The auction includes four NFTs of GIFs created from a composite of five photos from the gig as well as 10 still images in black and white, and colour. Additionally, each winner of an auction will receive a unique framed, fine-art 16″x24″ print of one image, signed by the photographer. Bid price for the GIF starts at 67 ETH while the still images start at 1 ETH.

The Nirvana Fan Club Sale is a limited minting of 100 copies of GIFs and 150 copies of still images. Through the sale, 100 Nirvana fans will have the chance to purchase an NFT of one 10 GIFs created from three images for $499 each. 150 fans can also buy an NFT of one of 34 still images for $99. 

Payment for the auction can only be made via cryptocurrency while payment for the Nirvana Fan Club Sale can be made with cryptocurrency or credit card.

To honour Kurt Cobain, half of the proceeds from the NFT auction and sale will be given to The Trevor Project, a non-profit organisation that helps with suicide prevention among LGBTQ+ youth. 

Part of the remaining proceeds will go to Grid Alternatives, a non-profit that installs solar projects for low-income households and provides job training to under-served communities. 

The auction and sale will go live on Rarible on Feb 20 at 2:20pm EST.

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