Sixers’ James Harden Joins the NFT Craze with “The Way of the Beard” NFT Collection

Philadelphia 76ers All-Star guard James Harden has launched the exclusive “The Way of the Beard” NFT collection with Tom Brady’s celebrity NFT marketplace Autograph.
Image source: CBS sports

Quick take:

  • Philadelphia 76ers James Harden has launched an NFT collection with Tom Brady’s Autograph.
  • The All-Star guard has named the collection “The Way of the Beard”.
  • According to Autograph, it is a celebration of “Harden’s success as a pro player and his journey in the 2022 playoffs.”

Philadelphia 76ers’ number one point guard James Harden has launched “The Way of the Beard” NFT collection with Tom Brady’s niche celebrity NFT marketplace Autograph. The celebrated shooting guard’s exclusive collection will be based on his “success as a pro player and his journey in the 2022 playoffs.”

Offered along with the collection is a one-of-one signed canvas NFT physical print, as well as, a signed James Harden Jersey, sneakers and basketball.

The NFT collection had a floor price of $1,000, while the current highest bid has risen to $5,699, and is being offered via Fiat auction. According to the auction page, as seen on DraftKings, interested collectors can place their bids until 5:00 PM EST on Tuesday.

Harden’s team will host the Toronto Raptors on Monday evening for their second game of the first-round NBA playoffs. They won Game 1 of “the best-of-seven series on Saturday night” 131 against 111. 

Harden scored 22 points while providing 14 assists in the first game. He only joined the Sixers midseason from Brooklyn Nets.

James Harden’s NFT collection will be offered to the residents of the US, Canada and a few select Jurisdictions, thus limiting the potential number of participants. The NBA top shooter’s collection will gain traction amid the popularity of his iconic beard, which it is named after. 

Commenting on the latest addition to its list of top NFT projects, Autograph wrote: “[We are] excited to announce its partnership with basketball legend, James Harden. For the Collection, Autograph will be releasing two types of NFTs in the Way of the Beard Series, celebrating James’ success as a pro player and his journey in the 2022 playoffs.”

National Basketball Association athletes have become among the leading celebrities in the NFT craze following in the footsteps of NBA Top Shots. Several NBA stars have filed for trademark applications to offer metaverse and NEFT-related products with Lebron James and LaMelo Ball filing trademark applications.

Even Hall-of-Famer Shaquille O’Neal’s son Shareef jumped in while Kobe Bryant’s family immortalised his legacy and impact on one of America’s greatest sports in the metaverse.

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