Seattle Metaverse Startup Spot Raises $5.5M to Build Virtual Offices for Businesses

Spot is building a Sims-like metaverse platform for businesses.
Image source: Spot

Quick take:

  • Users can build virtual hubs for events or business functions on Spot.
  • Users can also communicate with each other on Spot via chat or video conference.
  • More than 8000 custom workplaces have already been created on the platform.

Seattle-based metaverse startup, Spot, has raised $5.5 million in a seed round, according to a GeekWire report. The company is building a Sims-like metaverse platform for businesses, allowing users to build virtual hubs for events or business functions on the platform.

Spot also features chat or video conference functions to allow users to communicate with each other virtually. The company told GeekWire that more than 8000 custom workplaces have already been created on the platform.

The service is accessible to anyone with a web browser, and is created to replace Slack channels with an immersive digital headquarters. Currently, Spot has customers ranging from Google to vet offices. 

The platform allows users to have meetings and collaborate with co-workers as well as share multiple screens and embed websites. Users can also walk up to their co-worker’s avatar in the virtual office to start a conversation.

Spot co-founder and CEO Gordon Hempton told GeekWrite that the fresh funds will be used to continue developing the product into something that is “enterprise-ready.”

Founded in 2020 by Hempton and Wes Hather, Spot currently has nine employees and plans to hire four more with the new funds. Hempton and Hather were previously from Seattle-based sales execution platform, Outreach, which has reached unicorn status. They also previously launched Team Apart, a a YC-backed workplace communication platform.

With the lifting of pandemic restrictions and companies implementing hybrid work policies, employers have been incorporating virtual work solutions to communicate with their teams, especially companies with a global workforce. Slack, Microsoft Teams, Google Meet and Zoom are most commonly used, but some Web2 platforms have been coming up with metaverse-like features to enable collaborative virtual meetings.

In May, Zoom introduced Welo, a visual workspace application that allows users to virtually recreate collaborative physical spaces, including actual rooms. Everyone is represented in the space, allowing participants to see others and move between conversations naturally like they would in person.

The Welo app is currently in its beta testing phase, with full functionalities to be made available later. With Zoom rolling out metaverse features in online meeting spaces, Spot will have another competitor in the market.

Hempton told GeekWire that Spot is building a “very ambitious product in a very competitive market” and that it can compete with companies like Slack and Teams as they don’t offer a virtual office experience.

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