SAVAGE Zooms in on Eco-Sensitivity as it Signs Up Environmentalist Paul Nicklen

Photography and video NFT marketplace SAVAGE has signed up Paul Nicklen to contribute and advise on its eco-friendly project built in partnership with Polygon Studios.
Image Source: SAVAGE Official

Quick take:

  • Photography and video NFT marketplace SAVAGE has signed up Paul Nicklen.
  • The Canadian environmentalist and photographer will become an advisor and contributor to the project.
  • SAVAGE has teamed up with Polygon, Crypto Climate Accord and EnergyWeb to launch an app that leaves no carbon footprint.

SAVAGE, a photography and video NFT marketplace, has signed up popular photographer Paul Nicklen to contribute and advise on its project. The platform has also teamed up with Polygon Studios, Crypto Climate Accord and EnergyWeb to launch an app that leaves no carbon footprint.

Despite being a renowned photographer, Nicklen chose to stay away from the exciting world of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) because of the carbon footprint every minted NFT leaves on the planet.

According to research by Memo Atken, a single NFT edition leaves a carbon footprint equivalent to driving a petrol car for 1,000 kilometres. In another report, one artist who minted an NFT collection over a span of six months had a carbon footprint of 260-megawatt hours.

For reference, that power is enough to power an average EU home for about 77 years.

Therefore, as a marine biologist, an environmental photographer and a staunch supporter of eco-friendly culture, everything about NFTs went against Nicklen’s principles.

However, with SAVAGE linking up with three other environmentally-conscious organizations, Nicklen seems to have finally found a project that fits within his core values. 

The platform leverages Polygon’s proof-of-stake blockchain ecosystem with Crypto Climate Accord and EnergyWeb helping to manage carbon offsets, creating the world’s first carbon-neutral NFT marketplace.

Nicklen announced his new partnership with SAVAGE, revealing that the Tonga Tsunami is partly why he chose to release his first NFT.

“We are devastated by the news coming out of Tonga, and that is why I am releasing my first NFT ever to raise money for Tsunami relief,” he wrote, adding that his NFTs must be carbon neutral, with a goal of becoming carbon-negative.

He also wrote that a large portion of his NFTs will go towards his campaign for environmental conservation, also pointing to the importance of using NFTs to respect and protect the rights of artists.

“After turning down offers from several platforms, I believe I have finally found a home for my video library. @SavageAppOfficial, the world’s first carbon-neutral marketplace for videos and photos, has met all of the above requirements, and I am happy to announce that I have joined their team as a Hero Creator,” Nicklen wrote regarding his new role at SAVAGE.

Nicklen has been documenting the most beautiful features of nature for over 20 years, committing to a life of art, purpose, and adventure. He served as an assignment photographer for National Geographic magazine and Sony Artisan of Imagery, capturing the imagination of the world’s most curious audience.

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