Samsung Partners Theta Labs to Reward Pre-Ordering Customers of Its Flagship Devices with Free NFTs

Theta Labs has teamed up with Samsung to launch free NFTs to celebrate the Samsung Galaxy S22 and Galaxy Tab S8 launch.
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  • Theta Labs has followed up last week’s events with another NFT collectibles launch to celebrate Samsung’s new flagship device models.
  • The blockchain company is issuing free NFTs that will be unlocked to reveal unique NFTs at the end of the clam period.
  • Customers can claim their free NFTs by registering on ThetaDrop, the blockchain company’s NFT marketplace.

Samsung Electronics is offering free NFTs to pre-order customers in South Korea to celebrate the launch of its latest flagship device models, Samsung Galaxy S22 and Galaxy Tab S8. The Korean electronics giant has partnered with Theta Lab’s ThetaDrop NFT marketplace for the collectibles drop.

The collaboration comes less than a week after Theta Network teamed up with Fremantle to commemorate CBS’s ranking show, ‘The Price Is Right’ with an NFT Drop last week. On the other hand, Samsung made its metaverse live events debut last week in its latest product unveiling.

Although the event hosted on the Decenraland virtual lands‘ metaverse platform reportedly failed to meet expectations, Samsung has moved forward to reward customers with an even more exciting offer, free NFTs.

Customers can claim their free non-fungible tokens by registering on ThetaDrop, using a unique code received through their Samsung Members app after verification. Each qualifying customer receives an unopened NFT container, which they can unlock to open a generative unique non-fungible token after the expiry of the claim period.

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Customers who pre-booked and pre-ordered in South Korea unique celebratory NFT through their new device after the conclusion of the pre-order period.

In a press release sent to media houses on Monday, Mitch Liu, co-founder and CEO of Theta Labs said the NFTs reward customers for pre-ordering Samsung’s flagship devices. Traditionally, smartphone manufacturers reward pre-ordering customers with discounted prices for the products.

Samsung is leveraging trends in blockchain technology to offer more benefits to customers that pre-order its latest devices.

“We plan to provide ongoing membership benefits and privileges to Galaxy customers who own a Samsung Theta commemorative NFT and look forward to building a long-term community among members,” Liu added.

ThetaDrop is powered by Theta protocol, a blockchain ecosystem purposely built for the media and entertainment industry. It also leverages the proof-of-stake minting mechanism, thereby reducing the gas fees.

Theta Labs plans to expand its blockchain platform to enable cross-chain transfers of NFTs, as well as, supporting decentralised NFTs, which will give users full custody and ownership of their NFTs.

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