Rumble Kong League Launches 1-For-1 Playable Avatars on The Sandbox

Rumble Kong League and The Sandbox has teamed up to bring the famous Rumble Kong NFTs to the metaverse via exclusive 1-for-1 playable avatars.
Image source: The Sandbox/Twitter

Quick take:

  • Rumble Kong League has joined a growing list of NFT-based games on The Sandbox.
  • The company will offer Rumble Kongs NFT holders 1-for-1 playable avatars on the leading metaverse platform.
  • Bored Apes and World of Women are among other NFT projects with playable avatars on The Sandbox.

Rumble Kong League has announced the launch of its exclusive 1-for-1 voxelzed playable avatars on The Sandbox. The two companies have collaborated to allow Rumble Kong NFT holders to use their NFTs as characters on the leading metaverse platform.

A non-fungible token (NFT) is generally a digital representation of a collectible, just like a Rumble Kong character, a music track, a video clip, artwork, or a JPEG, stored on the blockchain.

Rumble Kongs are a set of 10,000 programmatically generated and unique NFTs launched in July 2021. The collection has amassed a cumulative volume of 18k ETH since debuting on OpenSea.

According to the announcement, Rumble Kongs will launch on The Sandbox on Thursday, October 13.

The game joins a growing list of NFT-based games that have become part of The Sandbox’s metaverse gaming ecosystem. Bored Apes and World of Women are among the most notable NFT collections offering playable avatars on the platform.

Rumble Kong League is a metaverse-based basketball game that will enable users to participate in matches via the web and mobile, giving anyone a chance to compete for the title.

In order to play a specific Rumble Kong NFT character inside The Sandbox, a user will need to hold the same NFT in their account wallet. After that, all they need to do is select the avatar to start playing in the metaverse.

The metaverse is generally described as a 3D virtual space where people can interact immersively through gaming activities, virtual concerts and other experiential events.

NFT-based gaming has become popular because the characters involved have already gained popularity within the crypto sector amid the rapid adoption of NFTs. Some blockchain game developers find it easier to onboard new users to their gaming ecosystems if they use characters from familiar NFT collections.

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