RTFKT Announces New MNLTH Airdrop After Cryptokicks iRL Underperformed

The web3 company also said it will trial the RTFKT Interdimensional HUB Service for those without a US shipping address.
Image source: RTFKT/Twitter

Quick take:

  • RTFKT’s latest NFT collection Cryptokicks iRL failed to meet its standards.
  • The web3 company also said the MNLTH experience reveal was lacking.
  • RTFKT is now dropping new MNLTH (MNLTH X) and piloting the RTFKT Interdimensional HUB service for those without US shipping addresses.

RTFKT’s latest NFT drop the Cryptokicks iRL did not meet its standards, the Web3 company said via Twitter on Wednesday. The company said that its MNLTH experience reveal was lacking.

To improve on MNLTH2/Cryptokicks iRL (CiRL) experience, the company is dropping a new MNLTH mystery box collection.

“First, the new MNLTH – MNLTH X – will be airdropped this week. We know that the MNLTH reveal experience was lacking – we will rectify this ASAP with the airdrop and make MNLTH X worthy of the MNLTH Experience you all expect and deserve,” the company wrote in a Twitter thread.

The MNLTH is a  collection of mysterious black boxes that unlock unique experiences when collectors complete a series of quests, it was Nike’s first foray into the world of NFTs in collaboration with RTFKT. The CiRL NFTs were supposed to unlock experiences in MNLTH 2 mystery boxes. The collection features smart real-life Nike sneakers linked to an NFT via a chip.

They are also connected to the CiRL App and iRL Quests, enabling the NFT to collect data which then unlocks experiences in the MNLTH 2 mystery boxes. 

Since the collection is paired with physical Nike Air Mug sneakers, buyers needed a US shipping address to receive their sneakers.

The company announced that it will pilot the RTFKT Interdimensional HUB service at the Forging Event to ensure the entire community gets an opportunity to participate in the airdrop.

“At the Forging Event, Lace Engine holders have the option to mint a ‘Hubbed Cryptokicks iRL’ if you don’t have a US address. Select your desired sneaker size and will receive a Hubbed NFT. You will see “Hubbed” on the NFT metadata,” it wrote.

Holders will be allowed to trade their Hubbed Cryptokicks iRL NFTs on the secondary markets before May 1, 2023.

However, the company encourages those without a US shipping address to find one by the end of April to enable the delivery of the smart sneakers.

“Between mint and the 1st of May, you can trade the Hubbed NFT on secondary marketplaces, but you will not be able to fill in an address. This will allow holders from now till May 1st to figure out a US shipping address.” RFTKT’s CiRL App and iRL Quests have been designed to work globally.

Initially, people without a US shipping address could not participate in the CiRL collection. But the RTFKT Interdimensional HUB allows the entire community to participate without having to fill in a shipping address.


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