Rootstock and RSK Partner to Launch Carnaval, First Bitcoin-Based NFT Marketplace

The first bitcoin-based NFT marketplace, Carnaval just went live in Latin America a collaboration of Rootstock and RSK Infrastructure, a Layer 3 bitcoin scaling protocol.
Image source: Carnaval RSK

Quick take: 

  • Carnaval, a bitcoin-based NFT marketplace has gone live in Latin America.
  • The platform is launched in collaboration with Rootstock and RSK.
  • RSK Infrastructure is a layer-3 scaling protocol allowing developers to launch NFT projects priced in BTC.

On Monday, Carnaval became the first bitcoin-based NFT marketplace in Latin America. The Iberoamerican NFT marketplace allows developers and creators to mint NFTs in bitcoin. The project is created in collaboration with layer-3 bitcoin scaling protocol RSK Infrastructure and Rootstock (RSK).

The Rootstock network is an open-source ecosystem that capitalises on the secure framework of the bitcoin blockchain to bring smart contracts and decentralised applications to the masses.

Bitcoin is the world’s largest blockchain by market capitalisation and popularity. However, it is only beginning to expand its ecosystem with more companies using it as the underlying blockchain to build scaling protocols.

RSK is one of the leading platforms utilizing bitcoin’s powerful ecosystem to the launch of Carnaval opens the floodgates for more BTC-based NFT projects to launch.

According to the announcement, “Carnaval has integrated RIF’s marketplace engine, an open-source and fully audited suite of SDK libraries that significantly reduces time to market for decentralized marketplaces on Bitcoin.”

Carnaval takes the whole phenomenon of NFTs to another level, allowing the minting of non-fungible tokens that relate to real-world physical items.

The platform plans to launch 210 unique art pieces curated by Iberoamerican artists as NFTs to mark its huge debut. Carnaval said some of the tokens will be linked to physical art, after securing sponsorship with leading art galleries and museums to help verify the art pieces.

Commenting on its recently announced Bitcoin Genesis Drop, Carnaval said “people are going to be able to buy NFTs directly with BTC we are integrating the wallets as well as all the ones compatible with RSK such as Defiant.”

Diego Gutierrez Zaldivar IOVLabs CEO and Co-Founder of RSK said Carnaval combines NFTs, Bitcoin and some of the leading Iberoamerican artists under one roof.

“This venture’s aim is also to set together physical and digital art that is highly curated by Carnaval itself and the most respected museums, art collectors, and gallery owners in the world. Carnaval is NFTs 2.0.” he commented adding that it is “why all those who buy any of the exclusive 210 art pieces from the Bitcoin Genesis Drop at Bitcoin 2022 at the same time will possess a piece of history.”

On the other hand, Carnaval co-founder Connie Ansaldi said she was incredibly excited to be part of a game-changing project creating new financial tools based on NFTs.

“The shaping of a legacy of transcendence. And the most beautiful thing is that we are empowering talented artists as well as reaching new audiences for this art.”

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