Red Bull Files Trademark Application to ‘Give You Wings’ in the Metaverse

Austrian energy drink giant Red Bull has become the latest multinational corporation to file for trademark applications to offer products in the metaverse.
Image source: Red Bull

Quick take:

  • Leading energy drinks producer Red Bull is entering the metaverse.
  • The Austrian-based multi-national corporation has filed a trademark application to “Give You Wings” in the virtual world.
  • The RED BULL trademark filing will allow the company to offer downloadable virtual goods, digital tokens, drinks, clothing and accessories, and more in the metaverse.

Multinational energy drink producer Red Bull has hopped into the trademark craze after filing a trademark application for RED BULL. The company seeks to provide various products related to the metaverse with the new filing submitted to the US patents and trademarks office (USPTO) on March 3.

According to the filing, the Austrian-based company wants to provide downloadable virtual goods, digital tokens, protective clothing, protective footwear, toys, art, event logos, banners, accessories, skins and many more under the first section of the filing.

The company is also looking to launch an online store offering physical and virtual merchandise that will be used by its online community where users will also be able to buy and sell downloadable digital art images, music, and video clips.

Red Bull is also targeting Web3 commerce with its new trademark including financial exchange and transfer of virtual currencies and crypto. It will also offer digital tokens and a utility processing token that will be used in its expansive metaverse ecosystem composed of virtual lands, items required to participate in virtual races.

Red Bull will also offer consumers an opportunity to participate in virtual concerts and events in the metaverse, as well as, provide virtual recreational events that allow users to consume virtual foods and drinks.

Red Bull’s trademark application is one of the most comprehensive trademarks filed with the USPTO. 

Recently, top multinational brands have also filed various trademark applications including Chevron, which wants to offer its gas services in the immersive world and CVS Health, which is bringing its pharmacy and health services to the metaverse.

From the perspective of food and drink companies, McDonald’s has been among the leading companies in the trademark leap, with Wingstop and Conagra Brands also pouncing on the hype to offer virtual consumables.

According to trademark trackers, companies are filing at least 15 trademark applications per day in the US, which sets them on track to exceed last year’s filings.

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