Pound for Pound Boxing Legend Manny Pacquiao Launches the Pacman NFT Collection

Legendary Pound for Pound boxer Manny “PacMan” Pacquiao has announced the launch of the Pacman NFT collection in memory of his dog.
Image source: pacman.dog

Quick take:

  • Manny “PacMan” Pacquiao has launched an NFT collection in memory of his dog.
  • The Filipino boxing legend and senator announced the Paman Dog NFT collection via his Facebook page on Wednesday.
  • The collection features dog characters dressed in boxing outfits ready for what Pacquiao calls an NFT boxing league.

Manny “PacMan” Pacquiao has launched an NFT collection in memory of his dog. The celebrated Pound for Pound boxer announced the Pacman Dog NFT collection on Wednesday in a Facebook post.

Pacquiao, who is also a member of the Philippines Senate wrote: “I am excited to start my own NFT collection,” attaching a link to the Pacman.dog NFT website. According to a statement on the website, the collection features 9,999 unique boxer dog NFTs “generated algorithmically from over 200 carefully hand-drawn attributes.”

The announcement comes at the back of Pacquiao unveiling the first NFT of his “Pacman the Jack Russell” collection last Friday. The collection is named after Pacquiao’s dog, Pacman, which died at the height of the covid-19 pandemic in a freak accident. The dog was of the Jack Russell Terrier breed.

The website describes the Pacman dog NFT collection as having three tiers, which allow the boxers to compete in their specific tier for rewards and recognition. Players of the Pacman NFT game can unlock incremental benefits in the game and in the real world. As such, owning assets in each tier allows players to reap maximum rewards.

The third tier is the lowest in the collection and consists of 7,000 Pacman rookie boxers with basic common attributes. The second tier has 2,900 “Mid-level Boxers with semi-rare traits and improved skills, with more experience in the ring compared to Tier 3 boxers.”

Tier one consists of 99 top-ranked boxing elite, possessing the rarest of traits and the highest level of skill. This tier also has the most scarce boxers in the collection “thereby also unlocking the highest potential rewards and real-world benefits.”

Describing how the collection came to life, a text on the collection website reads: “One sunny afternoon after the accident, Manny and I were sitting in a quiet cafe when I casually introduced him to the idea of the Blockchain and all the wonderful things the technology can bring.”

“While elaborating on various technical details, I began to see Manny’s face suddenly start to glow ecstatically as if he’d been struck by some life-changing epiphany. “Does that mean… Pacman can be forever?” he stuttered with excitement. And so it came to be!”

The team is yet to select which blockchain to use for the collection, even though it is targeting July 15 as the potential mint date.

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