Popular Racing Hub Nitro League Launches Its Next-Gen Virtual Garage

Nitro League racing hub has collaborated with YGG, Terra Virtua and others to bring its next-gen immersive garage to metaverse gamers.
Image source: Nitro League

Quick take:

  • Nitro league has announced the launch of its immersive garage.
  • The metaverse racing app said its next-gen hub will allow users to load their favourite cards in the car pod to enhance performance.
  • The platform has collaborated with YGG and Terra Virtua to bring its revolutionary app to metaverse gamers.

Popular racing hub Nitro League has launched its highly anticipated immersive garage in collaboration with YGG, Terra Virtua and others. The garage will allow users to load their favourite cards to car pods to enhance performance.

The company announced the garage earlier this year when it revealed its multi-pronged strategy for the NFT space. Nitro League plans to launch an NFT marketplace alongside the Dafi car, a product created in partnership with Dafi Protocol.

The company said its virtual garage will be going live on April 2, at 1 PM UTC. to commemorate the launch of its next-gen garage, Nitro League will also organise a special Twitch stream event, held by its development team, YGG SEA, Terra Virtua, Polinate, and Polygen.

According to the announcement, the event will be moderated by Kaisaya, a popular eSports and gaming influencer.

A talk by Nitro League CEO Zaynab Tucker will be streamed to the audience with the Twitch team also expected to feature Discord games, a panel discussion, and an overview of in-game mechanics, among others.

The event will also highlight some of the virtual garage’s most exciting features, including the ability to showcase up to six cars in the Car Parking Area, 3 Loot Box options to choose from, Robot Avatar Hut (featuring Terra Virtua’s V-Flect robots), and First-person walk-around mode— allowing users to view objects, take and share pictures, among others.

The garage also offers consecutive login rewards, a leaderboard and a news and events screen to its metaverse gamers.

The features have been included to allow players to customise their experiences by creating unique and entertaining gameplays using Nitro assets from the TerraVirtua marketplace.

Nitro League is also developing a social feature for its Nitroverse, which will enable users to share their garage, thus allowing them to form “clans, leagues, and other opportunities within the Nitroverse,” the company wrote in a statement sent to media houses on Friday.

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