Polygon NFT Buyers Surges to Record, Surpasses Solana in USD Sales

The daily number of unique buyers of Polygon-based NFTs hit a record high on June 9 at 45,200.

Polygon has been one of the most active chains by non-fungible token (NFT) activity since the start of June. CryptoSlam data shows that the daily number of unique buyers of Polygon-based NFTs hit a record high on June 9 at 45,200.

Meanwhile, NFT sales on Polygon surpassed $3.4 million on June 7, the highest level since mid-January 2024.

Thanks to this increase in NFT activity, Polygon surpassed Solana by NFT sales over the last week, ranking third on CryptoSlam.

Weekly NFT sales on Polygon surged 30% to $20.2 million, excluding data associated with wash trading.

Elsewhere, Solana NFT sales declined 8% over the same period to $17.6 million.

Bitcoin remains on top with $48.7 million after soaring 54%, thanks to an increase in Ordinals volumes.

DappRadar also ranks Polygon in 3rd position by NFT sales, with Ethereum on top and Bitcoin on 4th.

DappRadar recorded $18.2 in Polygon NFT sales over the week, down 16% from the previous week.

The main driver behind the surge in Polygon NFT activity is the Moon Girl collection, which has generated over $5 million in sales over the last seven days, up 510% over the week.

Moon Girl is a new collection that was launched in June. It consists of 14,000 items representing images of rebel girls.

Another popular NFT collection on Polygon is Poker Girl, which comprises 10,000 NFTs. DappRadar shows that it has generated almost $2 million in sales over the last week, being third after Moon Girl and Liberty Cats. Poker Girl was also launched at the beginning of June.

The NFT market has been greatly affected by the ‘crypto winter’ following the collapse of UST (and LUNA), FTX, and other major crypto platforms. In 2023, Bitcoin ordinals came to the rescue by popularizing the concept of on-chain, censorship-resistant NFTs. Today, Bitcoin tops blockchain rankings by NFT sales.

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