Polium Announces Web3 Game Console to Much Scepticism

Skeptics believe that the Web3 game console will never actually be made.
Image source: Polium

Quick take:

  • The startup claims that the console can be used to buy and trade NFTs and in-game Items.
  • Polium said that the console will be multi-chain.
  • The console will have its own multi-chain wallet.

Web3 gaming product and infrastructure startup, Polium, today announced its Web3 gaming console, Polium One. The announcement was met with scepticism and negative response.

In its whitepaper, Polium stated that the console will be multi-chain, and is built for users and games that are built on different blockchains including Immutable X, Polygon, Solana, Ethereum and more.

The Polium One gaming console supposedly also boasts other features such as a multi-chain wallet for trading, swapping and bridging, the ability to download games and metaverses, buy and trade NFTs and in-game Items, check leaderboards, transactions and game activity, messaging and voice chat.

With the plug-and-play console, Polium aims to simplify Web3 gaming by allowing gamers to discover and play different blockchain games without having to switch networks, use multiple wallets or visit different sites just to play a game.

Polium believes Web3 gaming should be expanded to the traditional market for mass adoption and the growth of the Web3 space, and that the Polium One console could achieve that.

Currently, interested buyers can pre-order the console by minting a Polium Pass, which provides access to the console, a free profile picture NFT, staking rewards, and launch events across the US, Japan, and the UK. 

However, the announcement of the console drew criticism and mixed reviews. Twitter users noticed the similarity between Polium’s logo and Nintendo’s GameCube logo as well as other copyright infringements and unrealistic specs. The startup said it “will illustrate a new logo that’s original.”

Besides that, Twitter users have also noticed the lack of clarity on the problem the console is trying to solve. When Polium claims that users can plug in the console and play Web3 games with one wallet, a Twitter user questioned: “We already have ‘one wallet’ on literally every other platform. What value are you adding here besides saying the words ‘Web3’?”

When asked about the games that will be available to play via the console, Polium said: “We are currently in talks with Web 3 game studios. We will announce the games on our discord.”

Currently, the console only exists as a 3D render and Polium claims that it will have a functioning prototype by November. Polium aims to launch the console in 2024, with 10,000 units produced for Polium Pass holders. The startup also stated that it will not be taking pre-orders until a functioning prototype is ready.

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