Paid But Didn’t Get Anything: MonkeyBall NFT Drop Experiences Solana Congestion

MonkeyBall’s NFT drop on Thursday ran into disaster after several buyers complained they didn’t receive their NFTs despite having funds deducted from their wallets.
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  • The MonkeyBall NFT drop on Thursday ran into chaos after some buyers complained they didn’t receive the NFTs.
  • Several “Monkeys” confirmed funds had been deducted from their wallets to pay for the NFTs.
  • MonkeyBall responded by saying Solana had experienced congestion, leading to the non-delivery of paid-for Monkeys.

Monkey-themed play-to-earn soccer game, MonkeyBall on Thursday ran into a chaotic NFT drop after several collectors complained they did not receive their Monkey NFTs despite having funds deducted from their wallets. MonkeyBall tweeted, telling its followers that Solana was experiencing massive congestion.

Buyers bombarded MonkeyBall’s Twitter account with complaints from as early as 10:00 AM EST with one buyer posting a video showing the 2 SOL sent from their wallet. 

Soon after, his post received several replies from collectors who had experienced the same misfortune.

Since its launch in 2019, Solana’s purported ability to handle up to 50,000 transactions per second has been one of its biggest strengths against competitor open-source networks like Ethereum.

The network uses a proof-of-stake mechanism as opposed to Ethereum’s proof-of-work, resulting in several benefits for developers looking to launch huge projects.

Its biggest challenge came when it faced an outage on Sep. 14, last year after a surge in transactions. Since then, it has been smooth running with no major incidences.

Therefore, when MonkeyBall attributed the failure to deliver purchased NFTs to their collectors on Solana congestion, some fans were a little sceptical.

The blockchain gaming platform’s Twitter account tweeted an hour later claiming that the situation had been solved, with the sale resuming.

However, there were more complaints coming down the thread. As of this writing, some collectors were still waiting for their NFTs to be delivered, with CryptoJoe among them.

This is a developing story and we will be making updates as we get more information.

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