P2Earn Gaming Guild Taps EA Alum as Advisory Board Chair Ahead of Public Launch

Jeff Burton believes the gaming guilds like the one that P2Earn has developed, is the perfect way to implement shared profits in games.
Image source: p2earn.io

Quick take:

  • The serial entrepreneur Jeff Burton is renowned for co-founding Electronic Arts.
  • The entertainment giant is home to popular gaming titles including the PGA Tour series, Madden series, and Medal of Honor, among others.
  • Burton said he believes that the future of gaming will be driven by shared profit models built around gaming guilds.

P2Earn has hired Jeff Burton as the new advisory board chairman. The Electronics Arts (EA) co-founder brings extensive experience in computer gaming to the play-to-earn startup.

P2Earn is a publicly listed blockchain gaming guild established in 2011 to provide various solutions in the cryptocurrency market.

The game focuses on building a play-to-earn model that does not require players to own an NFT. Gaming guilds allow players to rent gaming assets for a fee, which they can service with earnings from their gaming activities.

The play-to-earn model allows gaming communities to share profits with gaming companies. On its website, P2Earn states that its co-founders decided to build a gaming guild after they realised all games will have some element of play-to-earn in the future. And the company’s newest board appointee agrees. 

Commenting on his appointment, Jeff Burton the new Advisory Board Chairman stated: “I am delighted to join the advisory board of P2Earn, as Play-2-Earn gaming prepares to go mainstream. I have long believed that the concept of players earning a share of the profits through gameplay was the future of all gaming.” 

Burton believes that P2Earn has developed a unique Guild model, which is the perfect way to implement a shared profit gaming ecosystem. 

“I am passionate about gaming going beyond entertainment, creating social mobility and entire new economies where both the games and the players can thrive. I believe that P2Earn is the future of online gaming,” he added.

On the other hand, Alex Lineton, CEO of P2Earn expressed his excitement for bringing Jeff on board ahead of his company’s full public launch of its P2Earn Gaming Guild.

“Jeff’s experience and network are not only legendary in the industry, but also proving invaluable to us as we begin to enter the next phase of growth of our Gaming Guild. We look forward to expanding the advisory board under Jeff’s leadership as we bring on additional experts in the gaming space,” Lineton said.


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