Opera Launches New Browser Security Features to Safeguard Crypto Users from Malicious Attacks

Image source: Opera

Quick take:

  • Web3 Guard includes Dapp Check, which scans for known security risks.
  • It also includes a Seed Phrase Phishing Check to safeguard users from phishing attacks.
  • Additional updates include a Malicious Address Checker within the Opera Crypto Wallet.

Opera has announced the launch of its new suite of browser security features, called the Web3 Guard, available today in the Opera Crypto Browser.

This comes as crypto investors suffered record losses from numerous hacks and attacks this year. According to blockchain analytics firm, Chainalysis, October was the biggest month this year for hacker exploits as the running tally for the year hit $3 billion across 125 different hacks.

Users of the Opera Crypto Browser can access any dApp via the browser. To let users know whether the dApp is safe, the newly launched Web3 Guard includes Dapp Check, which scans for known security risks associated with decentralized applications. This feature checks whether a particular dApp contains suspicious code, was created by a malicious owner or has gone through an audit.

Another new feature is the Seed Phrase Phishing Check, designed to safeguard users from phishing attacks that target users’ seed phrases and private keys which can be used to gain full access to a user’s digital assets.

As part of the checks, Web3 Guard scans web pages for telltale signs of exploit, such as common phishing keywords and properties, without compromising users’ privacy or personal data.

Additional updates to the browser include a Malicious Address Checker within the Opera Crypto Wallet that screens recipient addresses against a list of known malicious agents and warns users if suspicious activity is detected. 

The browser also features the ability to enable HTTPS everywhere, bringing an extra layer of protection and making sure the websites people visit use proper encryption protocols.

In addition, Opera Crypto Browser has also integrated MultiversX and NEAR token support in the Opera Crypto Wallet, support for Binance Connect P2P payments as well as sending and receiving crypto using Unstoppable Domains.

“The current browsers most people use today are not built to handle the complexity of Web3,” said Danny Yao, Senior Product Manager at Opera. “With this release, we make a big leap forward with dedicated security features that enable people to use Web3 applications in a safer way.”

Web3 security has been gaining traction in the crypto space lately as crypto scams become increasingly sophisticated. Earlier this month, Israeli cybersecurity startup, CyVers, raised $8 million to provide security for Web3 applications. In July, blockchain security firm, Halborn, raised $90 million in Series A led by Summit Partners.



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