Oorbit Taps LG to Bring Interoperable Metaverse to TVs

The two companies will collaborate to build immersive games that consumers can easily access via TVs.
Image source: oorbit.com

Quick take:

  • Oorbit has collaborated with LG to bring interoperable metaverses to the masses.
  • The two companies will build immersive games and experiences that consumers can easily interact with through their TVs.
  • Orbit claims to have been working on its metaverse technology for almost ten years, while LG has been one of the early adopters.

Oorbit and LG have teamed up to bring interoperable metaverses to TVs. The two companies will develop immersive games and experiences that consumers can easily interact with in the metaverse.

LG made the announcement during its presentation at the CES 2023 event on Wednesday. According to the agreement, Oorbit will provide interoperable virtual worlds to LG TVs. Oorbit is a metaverse platform with a mission to bring 3D internet to the masses by using TVs, computers and mobile devices.

The company has built a cloud-based solution dubbed CloudOS, whose impact on humanity it likens to the internet or TV, “calling it an experience our children will grow up with,” much like the boomers did with TV and the millennials with the internet. 

While the metaverse became an internet buzz just over the past two years, Oorbit claims to have been developing its metaverse technology for nearly 10 years now. The term metaverse, coined by Neal Stephenson in the early 1990s has been around for quite a while. Long enough even for Second Life to experiment with the idea of immersive virtual worlds as far back as the year 2003.

LG’s involvement in the metaverse does not date that back, however, the Korean electronics giant is still considered one of the early adopters of the metaverse among leading multinational brands.

Last year, LG Electronics North American Innovation Centre announced a proof-of-concept competition that rewarded the top 20 startups in a pool of 1,300 with $100,000 each. On Tuesday, the company also announced a partnership with cloud streaming provider Ubitus, which launched a social metaverse platform on LG Smart TVs.

Accompanying Wednesday’s Oorbit partnership announcement is a deal between Blade Labs and LG Art Lab, an NFT marketplace that allows users to showcase and exchange digital collectibles on LG TVs.

“We’ve been working on the hardware, networking, and software layers to create the metaverse for almost a decade – it just wasn’t called the metaverse back then,” said Pooya Koosha, CTO and Oorbit cofounder, in a statement. “Our proprietary technology is the connective tissue that links virtual worlds together and makes it easy for developers and brands to bring their experiences into the metaverse. Scaling our technology for millions of LG TV customers is the next step in making the metaverse accessible for all.”



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