Nvidia’s Metaverse-Building Software Omniverse is Now Free to Use for Individuals

Nvidia said Tuesday its revamped metaverse-building platform Omniverse is available for free to artists and individual creators.
Image Source: Nvidia

Quick Take:

  • Graphics Processing Units (GPU) giant Nvidia has made its Omniverse software free to some users.
  • The Santa Clara Calif-based technology company said individual creators and artists won’t have to pay to use the metaverse-building platform.
  • The Omniverse is a real-time 3D design collaboration and virtual world simulation ecosystem.

Nvidia is making its metaverse-building platform dubbed Omniverse free to some users. The technology giant said Tuesday, artists and individual creators will be able to use the real-time 3D design collaboration and virtual world simulation ecosystem for free.

The graphics processing units manufacturer also revealed that it has added new features and integrations to the product that it now refers to as “the metaverse for engineers”. 

The platform launched in beta version in early 2021, before introducing a paid subscription package for enterprises in November. The Santa Clara, Calif-based technology giant said the Omniverse has already received over 100,000 downloads.

Outlining his vision for the several types of metaverses during a presentation at Computex last summer, Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang also gave detailed views on the intersections of the emerging world of NFT-backed games and augmented reality.

The Omniverse could play a crucial part in bringing the two concepts together in a more seamless version.

Although some mainstream video game developers like Ubisoft and Jam City have already expressed their interest in introducing in-game items to their metaverse projects, some of them have received backlash from their fans.

Some are worried that switching focus towards adding in-game assets could compromise some important features of the games. Therefore, Nvidia’s Omniverse could help develop top tier games on the blockchain, while enabling creators to add metaverse features like NFTs.

The platform combines cutting-edge technologies including artificial intelligence, simulation tools, augmented reality and scalable computing ecosystems to help developers create 3D assets and scenes from their laptops or workstations.

As a result, creators and designers can link independent 3D design worlds, usually made with incompatible tools, into a unified shared virtual scene.

Nvidia also teamed up with partners to add more features and integrations to the Omniverse, including a one-click collaboration tool Nucleus Cloud, new connectors, extensions and asset libraries.

Other ecosystem partners added to expand the Omniverse include 3D marketplaces that will help creators replicate real-world commerce centres, as well as, and digital asset libraries TurboSquid by Shutterstock, CGTrader, Sketchfab and Twinbru.

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