Notifi Secures $10M in Seed Funding to Expand its Communication Infrastructure Platform

Notifi enables simplified communication across all blockchains and Web3 messaging channels.
Image source: Notifi

Quick take:

  • Notifi provides simple SDKs that allow developers to integrate 1:1 user communication into their dApps.
  • Notifi’s communication infrastructure powers real-time liquidation alerts for DeFi protocols.
  • Notifi currently supports Solana, Near, and Ethereum.

Notifi, a cross-chain messaging layer for Web3, announced today that it has raised $10 million in a seed round co-led by Hashed and Race Capital. The platform had previously raised $2.5 million in pre-seed funding, bringing its total funding to $12.5 million.

Struck Capital, HRT Capital, Wintermute, Superscrypt founded by Temasek, Long Hash Ventures, NFT Bank, alpha_lab, Protocol Labs, Cherubic, Metaweb Ventures, Alumni Ventures, Goodwater, Quantstamp, Reframe, East Ventures, Artichoke Capital, Plum Ventures, States DAO, Bison Fund, Pontem Network, and Tess Ventures also participated in the oversubscribed round. 

The platform provides simple SDKs that allow developers to integrate 1:1 user communication into their dApps in order to close the communication gaps across multiple messaging platforms like Telegram and Discord as well as different layer-1 and layer-2 ecosystems.

The Notifi SDK allows Web3 developers to easily embed messaging and notification functionality directly within their dApps and platforms, enabling users to opt-in to and manage alerts across Telegram, SMS, and Email.

“The team behind Notifi is just as exciting as the product. Paul and Nimesh bring years of infrastructure experience from Amazon Web Services, Microsoft, Oracle and Circle to web3,” said Chris McCann, general partner at Race Capital.

To keep users informed in real-time of market activities via their preferred communication channels, Notifi’s communication infrastructure also powers real-time liquidation alerts for DeFi protocols such as LP Finance and Hedge; price and auction alerts for NFT marketplaces like Hyperspace and Holaplex; and governance proposal alerts for DAO platforms like Solana Realms and Astro DAO. 

Notifi currently supports Solana, Near, and Ethereum. With the new capital, Notifi is now expanding support to Polygon, Avalanche, Aptos, and Sui. Initial launch partners include SynFutures on Polygon; Pocket Worlds on Avalanche; and Pontem Networks, Aries Market, Shinami, and Ethos Wallet on Aptos & Sui.

In addition to its cross-chain expansion, Notifi will also use the new funding to support enterprise-grade projects, accelerate product development, and hire new developers. The funds will also enable Notifi to scale its go-to-market strategy ahead of the consumer product’s public launch in the coming weeks.

Notifi will soon launch Notifi Hub, the first Web3 inbox to aggregate cross-chain notifications and messaging into one single hub. Currently in beta, Notifi Hub provides users with a centralized location to track and manage all of their messages and alerts across different blockchains, wallets, and dApps. 

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