Nitro League Reveals Its Multi-Pronged Strategy for the Exciting World of NFTs

Metaverse car racing platform Nitro League has revealed a multi-pronged approach to NFTs, with an NFT marketplace, a virtual garage and the DAFI car, all set for launch.
Image Source: DAFI Protocol

Quick take:

  • Nitro League has revealed a multi-pronged strategy for the NFTs space, set for launch by March.
  • The NFT car racing platform announced Friday plans to launch an NFT marketplace and a virtual garage.
  • Nitro League’s DAFI Car, a product born by its partnership with DAFI protocol, is also set for launch.

Popular play-to-earn metaverse car racing platform Nitro League has unleashed its strategy for the NFT space. The blockchain gaming platform announced Friday it was launching a multi-pronged approach for the exciting world of NFTs, including launching an NFT marketplace, a virtual garage, and the highly awaited DAFI car by March 2022.

In the statement sent to media houses, Nitro League describes the virtual garage as a high-tech space pimped with robotic machinery, digital controls and exotic features to create a seamless user interface.

In the garage, players can experiment with different upgrades, showcase their NFT collections, compete in minigames, as well as, engage with other users in the “Nitroverse”. 

The Nitroverse NFT marketplace will allow players to buy, sell, and trade NFTs offered as in-game items, including engines, boosters, decals, tires, paint jobs, brakes, headlights, hoods, taillights, and more.

Nitro League plans to add new features to its NFT marketplace, bringing levels to the rarity of the Nitroverse NFTs. The company’s decision to launch an NFT marketplace and the virtual garage is in response to player feedback, who asked for an improvement and diversification of the virtual racing world.

In the Nitroverse, gamers have the ability to play, build, own, and monetize their own in-game assets, earned based on performance and skill.

The Nitroverse is built on the Sandbox metaverse, allowing players to gain access to a futuristic racing game.

Nitro League merges eSports and crypto, giving players complete ownership of their experience.

The company said players will be able to level up NFTs in the Nitro League based on the rarity of the car. It is debuting the DAFI Car, an elegant style, high-end technology vehicle built in partnership with DAFI protocol, a synthetically decentralised protocol created by combining different decentralised networks.

The car “boasts a rapid acceleration and peak speed, two factors that are essential in the Nitro racing arena,” Nitro League wrote in the press release.

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