Niftify Partners Rapper Ice-T to Launch NFT Platform in the US

Niftify has opened its doors for US NFT enthusiasts after collaborating with rapper Ice-T to launch a platform that will allow users to create, buy, sell and swap NFTs.
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  • Niftify has collaborated with American rapper Ice-T to launch an NFT platform in the US.
  • The platform allows users to create, buy, sell and swap NFTs.
  • The platform is powered by Ethereum scaling protocol Polygon and Bittrex Global.

Niftify opened its doors to US NFT enthusiasts after collaborating with rapper Ice-T to launch a non-fungible token marketplace in the country. The platform will allow users to create, buy, sell, and swap NFTs. Its first NFT drop features 10,000 non-fungible tokens about the rapper, film producer and actor.

Niftify is powered by the Ethereum scaling protocol, Polygon and Bittrex Global. Investors can access the one-of-a-kind limited edition and collector’s pieces starting January 4., 2022. 

The platform was created by Bruno Ver, Emil Sterndorff and Marko Vidrih, and launched in October for users outside of the United States.

The upcoming Niftufy and Ice-T NFT drop won’t be the first involving both parties. The company previously dropped an Ice-T NFT for customers outside the US in November. Other NFT drops over the last two months include jujulien, Stazzity, Cedric Fangeat, and BLANGOH.

The upcoming NFT drop “memorizes three pivotal moments from Ice-T’s career,” Ver told Decrypt. They include:

  • The release of the O.G. Original Gangster album in 1991. 
  • The release of the film “New Jack City” in 1991.
  • Ice-T’s addition to the “Law & Order SVU” cast in 2000.

Niftify’s decision to use Polygon for the NFT drop puts it in a growing list of NFT marketplaces that have shifted towards the proof-of-stake blockchain, which consume less energy to execute transactions.

Recently, the popular NFT marketplace Rarible announced plans to support Tezo’s based NFTs, allowing customers to mint non-fungible tokens using a fraction of energy used on the Ethereum blockchain.

Ver added that Niftify will also support fiat currency transactions using credit/debit cards, thereby enabling more people to join the NFT market.

“If we just keep accepting only crypto we will continue to speak among ourselves. If we dream of mainstream adoption, we need to roll out the red carpet, bring the confetti and allow people to swipe, tap, type, or whatever they prefer to purchase their favourite NFT,” he said.

According to the co-founder, Niftify is on a mission to democratize the blockchain, especially for NFTs.

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