NFTBank V2 Launches with Mechanism for Detecting Bulk NFT Purchases

The platorm will be able to track various NFT acquisition mechanisms and transactions in secondary markets across all major NT marketplaces.
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  • One major feature highlighted in the NFTBank V2 is its ability to connect up to 3,000 wallets.
  • Users will also be able to manage their wallets in groups, classifying them based on investment strategies or wallet types.
  • The V2 launches with two chains, Ethereum and Ronin, which the company says reflects its strategic priority of serving the Web3 gaming ecosystem.

NFT Bank, the NFT management platform that allows users to track their NFT investments has launched the NFTBank V2. The new platform comes with multiple upgrades, including the ability to connect up to 3,000 wallets giving users a consolidated view of their assets, which the company believes can also be useful for NFT tax filing.

The new version also comes with enhanced precision in tracking and managing NFT investments, which could be a crucial feature in expediting the revived Web3 gaming movement.

According to the announcement, the company has fine-tuned NFTBank V2 to detect various NFT acquisition mechanisms, including minting, bulk purchasing, and transactions on secondary markets across all major NFT marketplaces.

The new version also allows users to manage their wallets in groups, classifying them based on investment strategies or wallet types.

“The upgrade marks a significant improvement in the platform’s functionality, providing users with a clear understanding of their investment performance,” NFTBank wrote in a statement. “This level of customization and control is unprecedented in the NFT portfolio management space.”

Known for its priority focus on the gaming ecosystem, the NFTBank V2 launches with two chains, Ethereum and Ronin, which are among the leading blockchains for games and NFTs.

Developed by Sky Mavis, Ronin has grown to serve approximately 18.6M total wallet addresses and completed nearly 660 million transactions as of this writing, data on the platform shows.

NFTBank previously partnered with leading Ronin Chain-based NFT game Axie Infinity and NOD Games’ League of Kingdoms. The company believes that as web3 games and guilds experience a renaissance, ”they will find NFTBank V2 an indispensable tool for managing their treasuries.”

Commenting on the announcement, Daniel Minsu Kim, CEO of NFTBank said in a statement: “We are thrilled to unveil NFTBank V2, a testament to our commitment to providing an unparalleled NFT portfolio management experience. Our platform is designed to empower NFT traders and investors, especially those in the web3 gaming space, to manage their assets more effectively and profitably.”

NFT Bank boasts backing from some of the leading venture firms in Web3, including Hashed, DCG, Sequoia Capital, Bitkraft, Sfermion, 1kx and Dapper Labs.

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