NFT Sales Just Got Easy: How Oogy Used “Pre-sales” With Helio to Sell out

The NFT landscape is in its early stages of development and frequently experiences challenges. Many creators and brands have dedicated followers, investors, or VIPs that they want to offer exclusive early access to. However, launchpads typically require projects to sell out an entire collection within a few hours during the minting event, while legacy pre-sales tools, sometimes referred to as “allowlists”, can be clunky to manage and offer a poor end-user experience that involves too many steps.

That’s why we built Helio to offer a simple and slick checkout experience across Solana, Ethereum, and Polygon, streamlining the process of pre-selling NFTs and generating “hype” leading up to the minting event. By simplifying the purchasing experience, Helio integrates many useful features that allow creators and brands to easily pre-sell their NFTs, efficiently reach the right audience of holders, build anticipation, and maximize the success of their NFT projects.

About Oogy

Oogy is an innovative and community-driven NFT art collection featuring 10,000 unique pieces minted on the Solana blockchain. The project is focused on pushing creative boundaries, fostering a culture of innovation, and establishing strong emotional connections with its holders.

With a fully doxxed team of startup founders, engineers, renowned artists, marketers, and developers, Oogy offers a multifaceted approach to utility, including exceptional art, tokens for staking rewards, cutting-edge software products, and a supportive community. The Oogy project aims to redefine the NFT space with its striking art and comprehensive vision.

Read more about the project here.

The challenge

Currently, the process of purchasing and selling NFTs is quite disjointed and full of friction. To buy an NFT, users typically need to create a wallet, fund it with cryptocurrency, and then connect to one of the various NFT marketplaces. Though this process may seem straightforward for those familiar with crypto, it can be daunting and complex for many others.

Creators, on the other hand, might struggle to sell out spots. Building anticipation and scarcity is often critical to success. The days off selling a 10k collection in a single “mint” are over and holders are pickier about what collections they mint.

Oogy recognized the importance of a seamless pre-sale experience for their investors and sought a solution to make the process as smooth as possible. They ultimately chose to utilize Helio.

The solution

The Helio payments platform provides a seamless and user-friendly payment experience for investors and community members during the NFT pre-sale process. Speed and reliability is a key differentiating factor with an average transaction confirmation time less than 3 seconds and a success rate in the high 90s.

From a creator perspective, the power of Helio lies in its self-serve nature and ability to create customized Pay Links in minutes. For example, Oogy created Helio Pay Links that were “gated” to a Discord server or specific NFT to target specific communities with an exclusive promotion. Other features include multi chain support for Ethereum, Solana and Polygon low fees, swaps and much more.

While they sold the majority of their collection during the presale, Oogy also wanted to offer their community a “mint” experience which is what Helio sees as best practice.  That’s where the partnership with MagicEden comes into play and Helio made it easy for Oogy to access transaction details via the Helio dashboard / API and automate an import to the Magic Eden Launchpad for the airdrop.

According to Justin, Oogy co-founder, “Helio is a premier payments tool. The team is fantastic and quick to answer questions. The tool itself is as intuitive as it gets, and I was able to generate and send out pre-sale links effortlessly. The ability to customize parameters such as Discord role gating, and swaps & price fixing (with Jupiter under the hood), and data integration (CSV/API) for MagicEden’s launchpad was extremely useful for Oogy’s pre-sale process as I had several different use cases across the 5900 pre-sold spots that we achieved via Helio.” 

How Helio works with Jupiter to power “token-swapped” NFT pre-sales

NFTs are typically sold in the native token of the blockchain such as ETH, SOL or MATIC. These can be volatile at times. This presents a problem for NFT project founders who need to have certainty on the amount raised from an NFT to execute on their business plan.

Helio offers a powerful solution in partnership with Jupiter, the leading Swap aggregator on Solana, by enabling SOL-USDC swaps as part of the NFT payment flow. Jupiter offers a powerful API with what’s known as an “ExactOut” configuration, which means merchants receive the exact amount in USDC after the swap. Helio has integrated this API as part of the payments stack.

In the case of Oogy this meant they were able to receive $100 USDC for each NFT while users simply paid in SOL or another token of their choice.

Our customers & testimonials

It is our top priority to put our client’s best interests and provide them with our expertise and an objective eye to help guide them with their projects. By recommending Helio to our clients including ShakyFi, WiseWhales, Xswipe, Motley Dao, Anybodies, we have provided them with a reliable, secure, and effective solution to help them achieve a seamless transaction process from pre-sales up to their minting event. Overall, Helio is a fantastic payment solution that offers a wide range of features, user-friendly design, and advanced security protocols. I would highly recommend this tool whether it’s a small startup or a well-established company to help them facilitate secure and efficient transactions” – CryptoApe, Founder of MultiChain Advisors Inc.,


Minting soon?

If you’re minting on Polygon, Ethereum or Solana soon and would like to offer exclusive early access to your NFT drop and close sales before mint with customisable Pay Links. Apply to use Helio for your NFT pre-sale.

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post. Do your own due diligence.

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