NFT On-Chain Update: Ordinals Inscriptions, Top Sales, and Blur’s Native Token Launch

A total of 105,628 Ordinals were inscribed on the Bitcoin blockchain, with image inscriptions being the most common at 88.12%. The collection with the highest 24-hour NFT sale was the Polygon-based collection, which made 842 ETH in 7 days, with 1,365 sales averaging 0.61 ETH per sale. Finally, Blur experienced a 90-day high in daily sales, with 29,442 sales and 0.3 ETH per sale made by 5,505 users.
  1. Ordinals on the Bitcoin blockchain grow in number and fees, surpassing a total of 100K Bitcoin NFTs.
  2. The NFT market sees high-value sales, including the Polygon-based Trump Digital Trading Card collection.
  3. Blur sees a rise in daily users and launches native token, allowing traders to participate in governance and profit from platform’s success.

The Ordinals project has Inscripted a total of 105,628 digital contents on the Bitcoin blockchain. The most common type of inscription was an image, accounting for 88.12% of the total inscriptions, followed by text, video, audio, application, and model inscriptions.

Ordinals Inscriptions by Fee Rate. Source: Dune/dataalways

Users have paid a total of 35.7 BTC (~$791,918) in Ordinals fees to date, with the most common fee being 5-10 satoshis/vB, which accounted for 31.63% of the total inscriptions. As the number of inscriptions has grown, bigger fees per inscription have become more common, as reflected in the graph, where Ordinals have seen a growth in 10 and above satoshis/vB for every inscription.

Next, in NFT sales, Trump Digital Trading Card #7337 was sold for 1.56 ETH, making it the top 24-hour NFT sale within the collection. The Polygon-based collection saw 842 ETH in 7-day volume, made from 1,365 sales, averaging 0.61 ETH per sale (~$953).

Furthermore, on February 13th, Blur witnessed a 90-day high in daily sales, with 29,442 sales in a single day, averaging 0.3 ETH per sale, made by 5,505 users. Today, the platform is experiencing its third consecutive day of over 5,000 unique users.

Blur Unique Users by Fill Source. Source: Dune/sealaunch

Yesterday, Blur released its native token, which will allow traders to participate in the platform’s governance protocol and profit from the marketplace’s success through community ownership. According to CoinGecko, the airdropped BLUR tokens are currently trading at roughly 50 cents, and traders have 60 days to claim them.


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