NFT Museum Pixlr Genesis On a Mission to Be the Largest Digital Art Display in the Metaverse

Pixlr Genesis’ NFT marketplace allows creators, collectors, and NFT enthusiasts to auction their assets and NFT minting tools.
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  • Pixlr Genesis is a subsidiary of the Inmagine Group. A firm that also owns the stock photo gallery, and the photo editor,
  • It wants to give creators full control of their assets by allowing them to display, auction, and take advantage of state-of-the-art minting tools.
  • The digital platform’s team also announced that users will gain access to the Pixlr Genesis universe by holding a unique piece of NFT art.

Pixlr Genesis, a digital art display platform intending to widely extend its base in the collectibles arena, promises to offer more than just a display case to art creators and collectors. 

The platform developers are intent on creating an NFT ecosystem, allowing users to auction their tokens and produce more unique pieces leveraging its minting tools.

While most marketplaces limit the NFT enthusiasts from minting more pieces or seamlessly interacting with each other on the platforms, Pixlr Genesis’ platform offers scalability and flexibility, thus positioning itself strategically to become the largest digital art museum.

Pixlr Genesis gives power to the creators

According to the Pixlr Genesis team, the digital platform will incorporate more than a display case. It will also include an auction feature and NFT minting tool add-ons allowing users to publicly sell their works to the community, and create new art pieces on the same platform. 

In a statement, one of the team members said, “Pixlr’s mission is to empower creators to make exceptional content and share it with the world. We see NFTs as a way to democratize ownership of art as well as establishing new experiences between creators, owners, and collectors.”

Amid the announcement, the team also noted that users will join Pixlr Genesis by owning their own NFT piece. The piece can be displayed or held on the platform as the owner capitalizes on an array of Pixlr’s benefits. Moreover, the platform will allow seamless interactions between the community members.

Pixlr Genesis NFT art pieces

Besides announcing rolling out a state-of-the-art NFT display platform, the team added that they would release 10,000 Pixlr Genesis NFT art pieces. 

The tokens are to be generated by the platform’s smart AI tools and will be unique from each other. According to the Pixlr team, these pieces will act as a ticket to getting a prominent position in the community, and a way for earning ART tokens.

The Pixlr tokens will also give the owners voting rights to decide what to appear in the digital museum. 

Pixlr plans to release the tokens in phases to the community in a public sale. 

The price is set to average 0.15 ETH for the first phase with an increase through the last distribution. Currently, 2000 Pixlr Genesis pieces have already been claimed. The public sale took place on Dec. 1-Dec. 2, 2021.

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