NFT Collector ‘KingChads’ Has Invested $500K Towards His Collection of Rumble Kong League NFTs

NFT Collector ‘KingChads’ revealed he has invested roughly $500,000 on Rumble Kong NFTs after paying 39.69 ETH, roughly $140,000 for Kong #5868.
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  • An NFT collector by the screen name ‘KingChads’ paid $140,000 for a Rumble Kong League (RKL) character at the end of last year.
  • KingChads revealed in an interview that he has invested roughly $500,000 in his collection of RKL NFTs.
  • The RKL is a collection of 10,000 unique genesis Kongs, that can be used to play virtual basketball games.

A collector who goes by the screen name ‘KingChads’ revealed in an interview that has invested $500,000 in Rumble Kong League (RKL) NFTs. Although the 29-year old claimed he wasn’t a basketball fan, he plans to invest in an RKL club amid the rising interest in blockchain gaming.

The Rumble Kong League is a collection of 10,000 unique Kongs that can be used to play virtual basketball games. The collection was initially listed at $200 per character, selling out within days. 

The RKL floor price began to skyrocket after NBA star Steph Curry wore an RKL beanie during a press conference.

On the other hand, LA Clippers’ Paul George updated his Twitter profile picture with an RKL character.

Although a majority of RKL NFTs are still listed at prices just under 2 ETH, KingChads paid nearly 40 ETH or roughly $140,000 for Kong #5868 towards the end of last year.

Different RKL NFTs have seen their stock rise with several now going for five-digit figures, while one particular Kong #9999 is listed for 99.99 ETH on OpenSea, an equivalent of about $317,000 as of this writing. 

The creators behind Rumble Kong League NFTs, Rumble League Studios announced last month they will be launching RKL Clubs, a new collection of 300 clubs, released in batches. The first wave is expected to debut during Q1, 2022.

KingChads has set his sights on buying his own RKL club (team) once the auction goes live. RKL teams allow individuals or corporations to participate in the official 10-tier Rumble Kong League. The owners will have full rights to their NFTs including branding and image, allowing them to monetize their collection in whatever way they see fit.

Although Rumble Kong League is the first NFT collection with an NBA gaming element, Dapper Labs has also expressed an interest in adding gaming elements to its NBA Top Shot collection.

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