NFT Analytics Platform Zash Partners with Binance to Launch Enterprise Data Products

Zash and Binance will launch a suite of enterprise data products for the growing NFT market.
Image source: Zash/Twitter

Quick take:

  • Binance will help develop, test and launch the jointly developed product offering.
  • Zash’s products will be designed for organisations entering the NFT space.
  • Besides providing NFT analytics, Zash will be expanding to new verticals.

Zash, an enterprise-grade NFT analytics platform, today announced that it has partnered with Binance to launch a suite of enterprise data products to help crypto institutions make decisions in the rapidly growing NFT market.

In this partnership, Binance and Zash will jointly develop the data tracking and intelligence tools, which Binance will then help develop, test and launch. Zash will continue to develop products for organisations entering the NFT space, Parit Patel, CEO & co-founder of Zash, said in a release.

Founded in 2021 by Parit Patel and Efe Surekli, Zash started out as a social network built on sharing trades ideas enabled via public blockchain data. Through this, they identified data barriers for NFTs and the need to provide access to accurate data.

Zash mentioned that NFTs are evolving beyond digital art as creators and consumer brands are experimenting with the new asset class, uncovering means to connect with communities, aid marketing strategies and synthesise revenue streams. The technology is finding use cases in music, entertainment, sports, events, fashion, and are becoming culture-shaping tools.

Citing Reddit’s NFT playbook, Zash stated that NFTs have exhibited a year-on-year growth of 20,988% between Q4 2020-Q4 2021 and Jeffries predicted the NFT market will reach $80 billion by 2025. This means that companies and organisations must manage, store, visualise and analyse vast amounts of information.

The company’s product offering is designed help companies and organisations track NFT data and present it in a digestible format by getting rid of the long mix of addresses, convoluted transactions on-chain and fragmented social media data. Zash has been working closely with Binance since the beginning of this year. 

Having now launched, the team is in talks with other major exchanges, marketplaces, collections to extend the reach of their data product offering. Besides providing NFT data analytics, Zash will be expanding to new verticals with a range of product features such as community mapping and predictive intelligence.

“Zash is very close to the customer whilst highlighting what the NFT community needs and evolving their offering to drive insights discovery quickly and effectively,” said Demis Bhojoo, Data Analytics Manager, Marketing and Product at Binance.

Zash joins other analytics firms in the space that provides NFT data, including Nansen, which recently added Solana analytics data, as well as bitsCrunch, which provides analytics to help people make decisions on their NFT purchases.

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