Next e.Go Mobile Teams Up with Microsoft for an Industrial Metaverse Demo

The Deutsche Post Subsidiary will use Microsoft HoloLens to demonstrate the design, build, operation, optimization process of its e-Wave X Model in the metaverse.

Quick take:

  • Next e.Go Mobile will participate in a digital loop industrial metaverse demo with Microsoft.
  • The Deutsche Post subsidiary will help showcase the design, build, operation, and optimisation process of its e-Wave X Model using HoloLens.
  • The announcement comes just weeks after Microsoft dissolved its Industrial Metaverse division.

Next e.Go Mobile has collaborated with Microsoft to demonstrate the full design, build, operation, and optimisation process of its e-Wave X Model using HoloLens. Next e.Go Mobile is an electric vehicles (EVs) producer based in Germany. The company was acquired by publicly listed multinational delivery company Deutsche Post AG in 2014, the same company behind DHL.

Next e.Go’s electronic vehicle production solution uses proprietary technology and low-cost micro-factories to produce energy-efficient EVs. The company will use industrial metaverse tech to demonstrate its EV processing line’s production and operational process at the Hannover Messe Trade Fair.

The event starts on April 17 and will run through April 21, 2023. According to the announcement, e.Go will use Microsoft HoloLens to “show what onboarding processes for production workers can look like and how artificial intelligence contributes to faster and more convenient service for customers.”

The demo will explore aspects of the industrial metaverse including design, build, operation, and optimisation processes. The AI software links the physical world with the virtual world, enabling users to interact with both environments.

“This new technological wave is the foundation for the industrial metaverse. We at e.GO are truly excited to be at the forefront of this industrial transformation and to contribute to building a more sustainable production ecosystem and the factories of the future,” said Ali Vezvaei, Chairman of the Board of Next.e.GO Mobile SE.

This announcement comes on the heels of Microsoft’s decision to scrub its industrial metaverse division citing prioritisation of projects. When announcing the layoffs in March, the technology giant said it was going to focus on projects that are likely to pay off in the short term.

However, the company still remains committed to exploring opportunities in the industrial metaverse space with HoloLens through partnerships.

Microsoft and Next e.Go Mobile believe that the industrial metaverse could help manufacturers bridge the two worlds to fundamentally change how we design and build products, and production systems and also operate facilities and optimize processes.


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