NETGEAR Partners with SuperRare to Develop a Licensing Model for Digital Displays of NFTs

The licensing model will support the display of SuperRare NFT collections on NETGEAR’s digital canvas, Meural.
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Quick take:

  • NETGEAR will join the SuperRare DAO to create a new licensing model for NFT art.
  • Meural is a digital canvas that can deliver a realistic art viewing experience ontrolled via gesture, desktop, mobile app, Amazon Alexa.
  • Using the digital canvas, owners can display their NFT art on the walls of their homes.

American computer networking company, NETGEAR, today announced a partnership with NFT marketplace, SuperRare. 

In this partnership, NETGEAR will join the SuperRare DAO to help develop a licensing and royalty model for displaying NFTs on Meural, a digital canvas platform. By participating in the SuperRare DAO, NETGEAR will acquire $RARE tokens.

“We’re thrilled for NETGEAR to join the SuperRare DAO,” states SuperRare co-founder and CEO John Crain. “We believe that their expertise in building display technologies, licensing content, and streaming art will help us push forward as we continue to build an open and equitable future for digital art.”

The licensing model will support the showcasing of curated SuperRare collections on NETGEAR’s Meural platform and strengthens both companies’ vision to create new ways to interact with digital art, culture and NFT collections.

Founded on the belief that thoughtful use of technology could transform access and discovery of visual art, Meural is made up of a distinctive WiFi-connected digital canvas, the Meural Art Library, a smartphone app and web portal developed to engage new audiences in digital art while creating additional revenue streams for creators.

“By introducing digital scarcity to art and collectibles, NFTs and blockchain technology have granted new economic and creative powers to digital artists. NETGEAR supports this exciting development, and is committed to working alongside creators, collectors and enthusiasts to forge a licensing model that reflects their interests,” said Poppy Simpson, senior product & content manager for NETGEAR’s Meural product line. “Working with SuperRare Labs to develop a licensing framework that the RARE community can support feels like a spiritual alignment between our brands to build a broader, more diverse art and curation eco-system.”

Meural has been part of the NETGEAR portfolio of Smart Home products since 2018 and can deliver a realistic art viewing experience that can be controlled via gesture, desktop, mobile app, or Amazon Alexa.

Using the digital canvas, owners can display their NFT art on the walls of their homes or offices. NETGEAR’s partnership with SuperRare is the company’s latest foray into the world of NFTs, following recent integrations with leading crypto wallets Coinbase and MetaMask and a partnership with Async Art to add dynamic, programmable NFTs to the Meural library.

Meural will also be featured in SuperRare’s pop-up gallery in New York’s SoHo neighbourhood, bringing together well-known NFT artists and the wider crypto art community. 

Open until August 28, the SuperRare Gallery features a rotating program of five NFT exhibitions, some organised by the company’s in-house curatorial team, and others by guest curators. Additionally, Meural will showcase approximately 100 works, curated by SuperRare, on the Meural platform when the new licensing model has been developed.

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