Netflix Hit TV Series ‘Stranger Things’ Teases NFTs Ahead of Season 4 Release

Netflix and NFT platform Candy Digital are teaming up for interactive mystery games that reward players.
Image source: Netflix

Quick take:

  • Netflix and NFT platform Candy Digital have joined forces to launch a Stranger Things interactive game site.
  • The site will go live this Saturday.
  • Fans are not happy about Netflix’s decision to launch Stranger Things NFTs.

Over the past week, fans of Netflix’s hit TV series Stranger Things have discovered, a website where an interactive alternate reality mystery game will be unveiled.

On the site’s landing page is a clock counting down to this Saturday, Apr 30, 8pm EST. Upon clicking “enter”, a pop up appears with the message: “Congrats for uncovering the clues and joining Stranger Things 4’s interactive curiosity voyage, brought to you by Candy Digital and Netflix. Submit your email below to be the first to know when sign up goes live!”

Those who submit their email will receive a message from NFT platform Candy Digital that tells users that they’ll soon be able to immerse themselves “in the mystery by decoding messages, solving puzzles, and even collecting rewards along the way.”

While neither the website nor the email explicitly mentions NFTs or anything related, Redditors who read between the lines weren’t fooled. Those familiar with the NFT space already know that Candy is an NFT platform, which describes itself as a “next-generation digital collectible company offering digital assets for fans and collectors.” 

With that, it’s easy to deduce that Candy is collaborating with Netflix to release Stranger Things NFTs as part of the series’ season four promo. It appears that users could be rewarded with NFTs for solving mysteries in the game or the NFTs will be put up for sale on a marketplace on the interactive game site.

The Reddit post alerting fans to the game was met with negative reactions. One Redditor commented: “Seriously, how out of touch do you have to be to try an NFT launch in 2022, well after the internet collectively gave the entire concept the middle finger?”

Most Stranger Things fans who commented on the Reddit post have denounced NFTs for “destroying the environment” and “being a scam” — the go-to reasons for those hating on NFTs. A couple of other Redditors have come to its defence, saying that NFTs give buyers immutable ownership of digital assets and that some companies are working to address the environmental impact with Layer 2 solutions.

No matter how much hate NFTs get, Netflix isn’t the first media company to launch NFTs based on hit TV series and blockbusters, nor will it be the last. In February, AMC Networks teamed up with NFT production company Orange Comet to launch The Walking Dead NFTs.

Last year, NFT platform Curio dropped officially licensed NFTs from season two of American Gods – a cult TV series based on British author Neil Gaiman’s eponymous book – which are now sold out.

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