NEAR Joins Forces with Google Cloud to Accelerate Web3 Startups

Google Cloud will provide technical support for NEAR grant recipients.
Image source: NEAR

Quick take:

  • Google Cloud will provide infrastructure to Web3 developers building on Remote Procedure Call (RPC) node provider to Pagoda.
  • Pagoda is NEAR’s Web3 startup platform.
  • This partnership allows developers to deploy code quickly, securely, and seamlessly.

NEAR Foundation, the company behind blockchain and dApp platform NEAR Protocol, today announced a new partnership with Google Cloud. In this partnership, Google Cloud will provide technical support for NEAR grant recipients.

In this partnership, Google Cloud will provide the infrastructure for NEAR’s Remote Procedure Call (RPC) node provider to Pagoda, NEAR’s Web3 startup platform, allowing developers to deploy code quickly, securely and seamlessly.

Pagoda helps developers easily and rapidly launch dApps on NEAR through a library of pre-audited templates and auto-generated contract user interfaces.

“We are thrilled to be collaborating with those who pioneered the Internet as we know it,” says Marieke Flament, CEO of the NEAR Foundation. “This partnership marks a new chapter for us as we continue to offer the best support possible for the next generation of visionaries choosing to build on the NEAR protocol.”

Designed to be super-fast, secure, and infinitely scalable, NEAR has grown exponentially over the last year. There are now over 20 million accounts, 200 million transactions to date, and 300,000 to 400,000 transactions per day on the NEAR network, while 800 projects are now building on the protocol. Some notable NEAR-based projects include Web3 wallet, Sender, which completed a $4.5 million private funding round last month. 

“We will be supporting NEAR and giving Web3 developers the most secure, reliable, and sustainable cloud infrastructure on which they can build and scale,” Carlos Arena, Director of Digital Assets at Google Cloud. “We continue to support tomorrow’s leaders in creating new products and services on blockchain-based platforms.”

In September, NEAR Foundation launched a $100 million fund to invest in Web3 startups involved in entertainment and culture. The foundation’s Layer-1 blockchain, NEAR Protocol, backed Y-combinator alumni Orange DAO’s $80 million fund in August.

Google Cloud also recently partnered with Web3 infrastructure company, Fortress Blockchain Technologies, to launch The Fortress Vault, a new NFT database solution built on Google Cloud’s infrastructure.

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