Nansen Launches New Web3-Native Messaging App to Rival Discord

Blockchain analytics platform, Nansen, has launched a new Web3-native messaging app named Nansen Connect.
Image source: Nansen

Quick take:

  • Users can log in to Nansen Connect with their crypto wallet.
  • They can join groups based on crypto holdings and on-chain behaviours.
  • Nansen Connect is currently only available for select NFT and Nansen label-based communities.

Blockchain analytics platform, Nansen, today announced the launch of its new Web3 native messaging app, Nansen Connect, in an attempt to find out what a crypto-native messaging app looks like.

With Nansen Connect, users can log in with their crypto wallet select a username based on their Nansen wallet labels, and join groups based on crypto holdings and on-chain behaviours. 

Users can also send end-to-end encrypted DMs to each other, and monitor key collection statistics and user holding information in real-time. Eventually, users will be able to build OTC channels for more efficient trading. 

Explaining the idea behind Nansen Connect, the platform said: “From a social perspective, the wallet labeling services… reveal specific qualities about an individual, and advanced users can pick and choose what they show the world. As a result, blockchain addresses can grant savvy users significant social clout. However, there’s a missing element preventing users from fully leveraging addresses as a form of identity: a way to form groups using blockchain data, and a way to communicate within and between those groups.”

Now in beta, Connect will focus primarily on profile picture (PFP) communities and users, as well as label-based communities and end-to-end encrypted direct messages, and will be expanding access over time.

At launch, label-based channels will include Nansen Announcements, Smart Money, Bluechip Holder, Millionaire Club (millionaire and billionaire label), Airdrop Pro, Medium Dex Trader (med dex label and above), Rare NFT Collector (rare, epic and legendary labels), and GM. 

It has also given select NFT collections their dedicated channels. They include Pudgy Penguins, Sneaky Vampire Syndicate, KaijuKingz, CyberKongz, Hashmasks, Parallel, Weirdo Ghost Gang, Azuki, BAYC, Moonbirds, Doodles, and CloneX.

Users will be able to join groups based on their crypto and NFT holdings, view key stats about a collection, and easily move between the chat interface and user wallet profiles. 

Initially the chats will be a single continuous stream or permissioned Announcement channels, but over time Connect will add sub-channel functionality. This is similar to Discord, the current messaging app of choice amongst the Web3 community, which has been seeing phishing attacks and hacks lately.

As the app requires a crypto wallet login and grants access to users based on their holdings, meaning that only “proven users” can have access to certain communities, Nansen believes that it can solve some of the security flaws present in the Web3 ecosystem. 

The launch of Connect pivots Nansen from being an information hub to a social hub. The company envisions the app to be a compass that can help users navigate the Web3 space.

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