Multichain and Web3Hub Team Up to Launch $10M Web3 Global Accelerator Program

The program will provide support for selected projects over a 3-month period particularly those building cross-chain applications.
Image source: Multichain/Medium

Last Updated on May 18, 2023

Quick take: 

  • Multichain and Web3Hub have launched a $10 million Web3 global accelerator program.
  • Multichain has already raised $1 million for the program.
  • The program is aimed at building innovative cross-chain projects and the MultichainVerse (MV).

Multichain has teamed up with Web3Hub, a Hong Kong-based digital assets firm to launch the Web3 Global Accelerator Program. Multichain has contributed $1 million to the program’s inaugural $10 million fund.

According to the announcement on Friday, the program will support selected projects over a 3-month period, particularly those building cross-chain applications. Multichain offers a cross-chain router protocol for web3 applications. The company wants to use the accelerator program to ramp up the development and growth of MultichainVerse, a network it is building to connect all crypto ecosystems.

Selected projects will receive financial incentives, technology empowerment, and global acceleration to help them reach their full potential. The companies have already brought together partners from multiple industries to shepherd the program including mainstream blockchains, cloud service, and media among others.

Some of the blockchain and web3 partners in the program include Avalanche, Coinflux, Cronos, Fantom, EOS Network, and WeMade’s Wemix, among others. Overall, Multichain boasts a network of 88 chains integrated and over 3500 cross-chain bridges supported.

Selected projects will also gain access to cloud services provided by Amazon Web Services and Tencent Cloud.

Web3Hub is a product of G-Rocket International Accelerator. It was formed to help web3 companies looking to establish themselves in Hong Kong. The company claims to have already helped more than 300 web3 overseas enterprises in a consultancy capacity or assisted in getting them to establish a base in Hong Kong.

Multichain (previously Anyswap) said in a Medium blog post that the program plans to bring in more partners to create more opportunities for selected projects.

“By bringing in more key partners into this program, we can open more opportunities to gain insights. This will allow us to stay ahead of the curve and capture the ever-evolving trends in the cross-chain and web3 industry. As a decentralized cross-chain router, we are driven to build MultichainVerse, and committed to driving the development forward,” the blog reads.


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