Movement Labs and Up Network Team Up to Launch AI-Enabled Web3 Smartphone

The two companies have entered into a strategic partnership to launch Up Mobile a Web3 dedicated smartphone featuring an ecosystem of Proof of Attention nodes with a comprehensive suite of Dapps.
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Quick take:

  • Up Mobile uses biometric sensors and ZK-proofs to provide secure identity verification and enhanced user privacy on the blockchain.
  • The device features a Web3-centered OS and a DePIN Kit enabling the development of DePIN applications and localised LLMs.
  • Users earn rewards for engaging with featured applications on Up Mobile.

Up Network, the Web3 abstraction layer connecting mobile devices to blockchain ecosystems has announced a strategic partnership with Movement Labs to launch Up Mobile.

Up Mobile is a Web3-first smartphone that features an ecosystem of proof-of-attention nodes and a comprehensive suite of decentralised applications. 

The device leverages biometric sensors and ZK-proofs to provide secure identity verification and enhanced user privacy on the blockchain. According to the press material shared with NFTgators, Up Mobile is powered by a Web3-specialised operating system and a decentralised physical network (DePIN) Kit enabling the development of DePIN applications and localised long language models (LLMs).

Users can earn rewards from featured applications by engaging in proof-of-attention activities. “Unlike traditional cloud-based solutions, these capabilities are fully localized, ensuring enhanced privacy and dependability for the highest standard user experience,” Up Network wrote in a statement.

Up Network is using Movement Labs’ MoveVM (move virtual machine) and EVM (ethereum virtual machine) to enable the onboarding of users through consumer Web3 applications, including DePIN, Defi, Gamefi, and SocialFi.

According to Up Network, users will be rewarded for engaging with applications, which is not possible with Google and Apple devices.

Commenting on the partnership, Rushi Manche, co-founder of Movement Labs said in a statement: “Up Network’s innovative approach to user engagement and rewards exemplifies the groundbreaking potential of Movement Labs’ infrastructure.”

“Having experienced the Up Mobile device firsthand, I can confidently say it not only surpasses anything in the Web3 space but also rivals, if not exceeds, the quality of well-known mainstream brands. This collaboration with Up Network perfectly demonstrates how our technology can empower truly transformative projects in the mobile blockchain sector,” he added.

Up Network claims to already have dozens of partners onboard including both mainstream IPS and Web3 IPS, as well as, traditional brands, which will power the rewards-driven ecosystem on the device.

Users will also be able to claim airdrops from Movement Labs, Sui, Aptos, and all EVM-based projects, the company added.

“Mobile phones are the first thing most people reach for when they wake up. That’s why bringing Web3 to mobile has always been our goal, and the timing is now perfect,” noted Roy Liu, co-founder of Up Network.

Liu who spearheaded the integration of TRON into Samsung Mobile in 2019 acknowledges that at the time, creating a fully mobile blockchain was premature due to infrastructure limitations. “We’re finally equipped with all the necessary tools and acceptance”, to make bring that vision to fruition.

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