More Alcohol Entities Are Jumping Into The NFT Space To Connect With Consumers

Recognising the potential of NFTs as a marketing tool, alcohol entities are jumping into the NFT space to connect with their consumers.
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Quick take:

  • Hennessy unveils NFT to accompany its physical Hennessey-8 bottles.
  • Priced at 72.51 ETH, the NFT will only be sold to a single buyer.
  • Other alcohol entities like the Belgian Barrels Alliance (BBA) and Melbourne-based producer Top Shelf International have also started launching NFTs.

Celebrating 250 years of legacy, Hennessey is the latest alcohol entity to create its first NFT, which will be launching tomorrow on blockchain-backed luxury liquor marketplace, Block Bar. 

Currently priced at 72.51 ETH ($226,450), the NFT will only be sold to a single buyer, who will also own the first and last first (n°1/250) & last (n°250/250) physical bottles of the Hennessey-8 collection, designed by world-renowned artist Arik Levy. 

Speaking to the press, Dov Falic, CEO and co-founder of Block Bar, said: “Hennessy is renowned for innovation and passing down know-how from one generation to the next, so we’re honoured the Maison has chosen to partner with Block Bar to mark this innovative milestone with its first NFT.”

Luxury liquor brands that have listed NFTs on Block Bar include Glenfiddich, Penfolds, and Dictador, with the highest asking price of 128.19 ETH ($400,000) coming from the owner of the Glenfiddich 1973 Armagnac Cask Finish Single Malt Scotch Whisky #4.

Other alcohol entities have also recently jumped on the NFT bandwagon to marry the physical with the digital and connect with their consumers. 

Partnering with NFT marketplace and auction platform Zeromint, the Belgian Barrels Alliance (BBA) are hoping to preserve Belgian beer culture and heritage, which has been put on UNESCO’s Intangible Cultural Heritage list. The BBA will be launching their NFT collections from January 1 to January 14. 

Three NFTs have dropped so far, with the first being an auction for roles in the ‘Belgian Barrel’ movie, available to 11 beer fans at $1,111 each. The second drop allows buyers to become a co-owner of a “500l barrel of a rare seasonal blend, vintage bottles or unique collectibles around Belgian Beer culture” and privileges such as early bird access/whitelisting on all BBA events and private access to the BBA members-only cellars, while the third NFT allows buyers to adopt their own Schaarbeekse cherry tree – which is instrumental in producing Belgian sour cherry beer – and unlock access to an Augmented Reality version of their tree.

In December 2021, Melbourne-based producer Top Shelf International (TSI) launched an Australian Agave NFT in a bid to establish itself in the agave-based spirits category. Owners of the NFT will be allocated 10 personal agave plants and eventually receive the hand-distilled spirit from those plants, making each batch unique to the owners.

With more alcohol entities wising up to the NFT space, we can expect an increasing number of alcohol-related NFT drops to come.

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