MoonPay Wins Bid on a Rare World of Women NFT for $754,000

MoonPay won the bid for a highly coveted rare World of Women NFT at Christie’s auction on Tuesday on behalf of a mystery buyer.
Image source: World of Women

Quick take:

  • The NFT is one of the most expensive World of Women pieces ever sold.
  • The NFT art carries rare traits such as night goddess skin and tuxedo outfit.
  • The buyer appears to have used MoonPay’s concierge service to purchase this NFT.

Crypto payment provider MoonPay has won the bid for a rare World of Women (WoW) NFT at the London Evening Sale at Christie’s auction on Tuesday. The NFT was sold at $754,000 and was bought on behalf of a mystery buyer.

The NFT art, Woman #5672, carries rare traits such as night goddess skin and a tuxedo outfit.

A source close to the matter confirmed that the price paid for this piece makes it one of the most expensive WoW NFTs ever sold in terms of fiat value, second to another night goddess WoW NFT sold by Logan Paul to The Sandbox for 200 ETH on Jan 5, worth $762,500 at the time. 

The NFT was put up for auction among art pieces by other renowned artists such as Keith Haring, Pablo Picasso and David Hockney.

World of Women has been making headlines over the past week for its high-profile collaborations and NFTs sales, including a partnership with Billboard for three NFT magazine covers announced on Monday, and a WoW NFT purchase by the Canadian branch of Big Four accounting firm, KPMG.

Besides providing a credit card and crypto payment solution for NFT marketplaces such as Sorare, OpenSea and Solsea, MoonPay has also launched a concierge service that provides high net worth individuals a hassle-free way to purchase crypto and NFTs. 

With the concierge service, individuals don’t have to set up a wallet, purchase crypto, and use the crypto to buy NFTs as MoonPay will handle it on their behalf, then invoice them for the NFT purchase and other services.

Some of the celebrities who have used MoonPay’s concierge service include Jimmy Fallon, Post Malone, Snoop Dogg and Eva Longoria. The mystery buyer of this WoW NFT appears to have used the service – which usually buys NFTs on OpenSea – for the auction at Christie’s.

Christie’s has been auctioning off NFTs since last year. It famously sold a Beeple NFT for $69 million and has collaborated with OpenSea on its first-ever on-chain auction. It also sold a collection of nine CryptoPunks in May last year. 

The British auction house accepts payment in Ethereum or Bitcoin through UK Financial Conduct Authority approved firms.

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