MoonPay Taps Airtm to Onboard the Latin American Community to Web3

The web3 infrastructure company will leverage Airtm’s extensive network and presence in Latin America while offering the community access to global payments.
Image source: MoonPay and Airtm logos, edited.

Quick take:

  • MoonPay has announced a strategic partnership with Airtm.
  • The web3 infrastructure company is expanding its ecosystem to the “world’s most connected digital dollar account”
  • This partnership will enable Moonpay to tap into Airtm’s extensive network and presence in the region.

MoonPay has teamed up with Airtm to tackle financial inclusion in Latin America. The web3 infrastructure company is tapping into Airtm’s extensive network and presence in Latin America to onboard the digital community in the region onto web3. 

Airtm claims to be the “world’s most connected digital dollar account”. For its part, the Latin American company wants to connect its users to an expanded network of global payments including Google Pay, Apple Pay, European and UK banks, and debit and credit cards in 150 countries.

The two companies are trying to fill a gap in Latin America that has seen about 90% of small and medium-sized enterprises in the region experience difficulties accessing credit facilities. According to World Bank, only 54% of the population in Latin America have bank accounts.

MoonPay’s network of global payment methods provides Airtm users with more options to access such services, giving freelancers and entrepreneurs in the region the tools they need to succeed in the global markets.

Commenting on the partnership, Rubén Galindo, CEO and co-founder of Airtm said: “Digital entrepreneurs worldwide are often hindered by a lack of financial security and stability, which affects their ability to take control of their finances and succeed in the online marketplace.”

According to Galindo, integrating MoonPay with Airtm is meant to “empower entrepreneurs by providing them with greater access to financial security and stability, simply by connecting to the internet.”

On the other hand, Bree Blazak, Vice President of Partnerships at MoonPay believes that this partnership is part of a global payments revolution that will soon eliminate the limitations of geographic locations. “Soon our postal code will not define who we are or what we can achieve,” said Blazak.

Founded in 2015, AirTM’s ecosystem currently spans more than 190 countries offering over 400 payment methods. Its partnership with MoonPay will see the two companies co-develop new products for both platforms as they try to promote financial stability in their global networks.

MoonPay’s latest fintech tie-up comes at the back of a flurry of partnerships with web3 companies, including NFT marketplaces LooksRare and Magic Eden. The partnerships allow NFT traders to purchase digital collectibles using debit and credit cards.


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