MonkeyLeague Launches Pioneers Gear-Up, Reveals In-Game Store Items

Competitive esports play-and-earn game MonkeyLeague has completed an important milestone after launching the Pioneers Gear-Up.
Image source: MonkeyLeague

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  • MonkeyLeague has achieved another milestone after launching Pioneers Gear-Up.
  • The esports play-and-earn game also unveiled its in-game store where players can start collecting and stocking free game essentials.
  • MonkeyLeague recently revealed its first-ever gameplay and is built on the proof-of-stake Solana blockchain. 

MonkeyLeague has launched its highly anticipated Pioneers Gear-Up. It features an in-game store where players can start collecting and stocking free game essentials ahead of launch. The team recently released its first-ever gameplay clip, giving players a glimpse of the games playing mechanics.

Source: MonkeyLeague/YT

MonkeyLeague offers competitive esports play-and-earn gaming built on the proof-of-stake Solana blockchain. Players create a team of soccer-playing monkeys and must ensure there are enough in-game items at hand to continue playing.

MonkeyLeague has launched the Gears-Up solution, which is the first step to ensuring players have access to in-game items within the game environment. Some of the featured items include Nutrition, MedCare, and Energy, essential elements of real-life sports.

Users can use the features to ensure their players are on top of their game.

MonkeyLeague will also offer players free daily supply packs of all in-game items when the game goes live, enabling them to participate in multiple matches, thus unlocking higher levels of rewards.

In addition, MonkeyLeague NFT owners will be able to stock more free daily supply packs for use in the future. Players that don’t own the Monkey NFT yet could still claim theirs by participating in the weekly free claim if they hold at least 1,200 $MBS tokens in their wallets.

They can access the free rewards by linking their wallets to the Gear-Up Camp. The Pioneers Gear-Up goes live on April 6, 2022, at 9 AM UTC, also rolling out the first free game supply packs on the day. MonkeyLeague plans to drop more supply packs twice a week, every Sunday and Wednesday from 9:00 AM UTC.

The free MonkeyLeague Pioneers supply packs will be available for 24 hours and both NFT holders and $mbs holders will have to take wallet snapshots hours before each launch to qualify for the free rewards.

Players will be issued with IDs connected to their wallets making it impossible for players to receive double/multiple rewards by splitting wallets and combining them later.

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