Modori Partners with Neowiz to Develop Web3 Gaming Platform Intella X

MODORI and Neowiz will build NFT services in Intella X.
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Quick take:

  • Intella X will distribute the shares of all generated revenue back to the contributors of the ecosystem.
  • Modori provides development, consulting, and investment solutions to blockchain companies.
  • Modori has serviced Web3 projects such as ELYSIA, ELYFI and 3space Art.

Modori, an investment company focusing on blockchain technology, today announced a partnership with publicly listed South Korean game publishing company, Neowiz. 

Through this partnership, both companies will build NFT services in the Web3 blockchain game platform Intella X, developed by NEOWIZ. The blockchain game is designed to distribute the shares of all generated revenue back to the contributors of the ecosystem, exercising the core principles of user ownership in Web3.

Users can begin earning the platform’s native token, IX, by providing liquidity in the proprietary DEX and earning yield from Intella X’s native IX Token.

Modori provides development, consulting, and investment solutions to blockchain companies as well as supports the development of NFT marketplaces and NFT launchpads. 

Using its NFT operation expertise, the company will help Neowiz in providing a user-friendly NFT experience for users to easily buy, sell and trade digital collectibles. Modori also supports blockchain business development such as wallets, marketplaces, launchpads, and DeFi based on its experience in developing and operating various blockchain businesses.

Other services Modori provides includes investment, sales and marketing to help businesses grow in the early stages. Supporting both crypto businesses and business development that links blockchain and real-world assets, the company has serviced successful Web3 projects such as ELYSIA, a real-world asset tokenization project, ELYFI, a real-world-asset-based defi, and 3space Art, a project that connects digital art with reality.

Neowiz previously signed a partnership deal with Polygon to launch Intella X. Running on what Polygon calls a “develop-and-earn” system, Intella X will compensate projects that build and release on the platform in IX Token and with a cut of the platform’s revenue, including in-app purchases, relevant fees, and more.

At launch, Intella X’s lineup will include two social casino games, House of Poker and House of Slots. A host of Neowiz fan favourites are also slated for release, including the popular Cats & Soup, Alliance of Valiant Arms (A.V.A), Crypto Golf Impact, and Brave Nine. Multiple new blockchain games from the popular IP are also expected to launch in 2023, alongside a new PFP NFT project titled Early Retired Cats Club.

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