MINI and Fender Partner with Meta’s Horizon Worlds for Metaverse Experiences

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Quick take:

  • MINI and Fender unveiled two new Meta Horizon Worlds debuting at Cannes Lions.
  • Users can participate in races in MINIVerse and add their chords to the looping community riff in the Fender Stratoverse.
  • The metaverse experiences are available to all US, Canada and UK Meta Quest 2 Headset users.

BMW-owned automotive brand, MINI, and guitar manufacturer, Fender, have both unveiled two new Meta Horizon Worlds, debuting at Cannes Lions today. 

MINI’s MINIverse experience was built in partnership with Pereira O’Dell, Creative Shop, Meta Horizon Worlds, creators John Burnap, Jordan Marcotte and Malcolm Langille. In the MINIVerse, users can hit the tracks and feel the adrenaline rush of a race as they zip around a gravity-defying track.

Spectators can interfere to help or obstruct by pressing buttons to flick cars off a ramp, or block them with “whac-a-mole” style pins, or even help friends with timely speed boosts. Players can customise their MINI by changing its colours, adding bonnet stripes and a contrast roof, and even trying on different racing suits and unlocking other MINI vehicles in their quest to top the leaderboard and challenge friends.

“The MINI brand is all about fun, and has always stood apart from others in how it brings this fun to life in cheeky and unconventional ways,” Rah Mahtani, Brand Communications Manager, MINI USA. “MINI is excited to collaborate with Meta’s Creative Shop as the first automotive brand to create a virtual experience in Horizon Worlds, offering the fun of customizing and racing MINIs in this groundbreaking virtual reality.”

Following Fender’s recent trademark applications filed in May, Fender partnered with R/GA, Creative Shop and Meta Horizon Worlds creators Ashley Briley, Matt Torres and Sammy Nu of VRinReview for the Fender Stratoverse.

The metaverse experience begins for players when they land on the headstock of the Stratocaster guitar-shaped island. Once they’ve walked down the neck of the guitar and reach the Riff Maker, they are then onboarded to the main attraction.

Players are prompted to search the Fender Stratoverse for guitar chords, represented by sparkling coloured Fender picks. After a pick is unlocked, it is available to anyone in the Riff Maker where it can be placed in one of the Riff Maker’s 18 spots to add their chord to the looping community riff.

Players can also move the pick around within the riff and have the option to change the chord The Fender Stratoverse contains air guitar zones, four special golden picks that unlock the ability to record riffs and additional planets to venture to on a flying Fender foot pedal to play back music creations.

“We could not be more pleased to have been invited by Meta to bring Fender into the metaverse for the first time,” Evan Jones, CMO at Fender. “As a brand we are committed to enabling all forms of musical expression and are thrilled by the potential this technology has to allow Fender fans and creators to come together, play, and create across borders, cultures, and from any distance.

To experience the Worlds, US, Canada and UK Meta Quest 2 Headset users can simply search MINIverse or Stratoverse™ in Meta Horizon Worlds from today.

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