Metaverse Game Studios Debuts First AAA Web3 Narrative Strategy RPG on ImmutableX

Angelic is a massively multiplayer online roleplaying web3 game created by Metaverse Game Studios.
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Quick take:

  • Metaverse Game Studios has teamed up with ImmutableX to launch its first AAA web3.
  • Angelic is a narrative strategy roleplaying game developed by the creators of Far Cry, League of Legends, Diablo Immortal.
  • Metaverse Game Studios is backed by leading web3 companies and venture capital firms including Animoca Brands, Pantera Capital and Everyrealm.

Metaverse Game Studios has launched its first web3 narrative strategy roleplaying game (RPG) on ImmutableX. Angelic is a AAA game that leverages the asset ownership features of web3. The game is built on the Ethereum scaling protocol to enable massive and quick transactions between players.

“We are incredibly fortunate to have found a partner that shares the same values as Angelic,” said Anastasia Volgemut, Director of Operations at Metaverse Games Studios. “By leveraging ImmutableX, our users can tap into the benefits of fast, secure, and gas-free minting and an uninterrupted, quality gaming experience.”

Metaverse Game Studios is backed by some of the leading blockchain investment companies including Animoca Brands and Everyrealm, as well as, global venture capital firm Pantera Capital, among others.

The launch also comes at the back of the company’s $10 million seed round announced in March 2022.

Angelic’s cinematic gameplay features structures and worlds build with the photorealistic graphics of Unreal Engine 5. The dark sci-fi-themed strategy RPG takes place in a collaborative universe where players can take part in combat to earn in-game assets and tokens powered by blockchain technology.

Players can collect assets and team up to form guilds which can be used to control sectors of the cinematic universe and more.

The AAA status enables traditional gamers to enjoy Angelic as they would any top-quality web3 MMORPG. The game is created with mainstream gamers in mind, focusing on quality whilst adding blockchain elements to cater for blockchain gamers.

Angelic is chain-agnostic and hosted off-chain. It also has the ability to connect to any blockchain via a custom-built back-end.

With ImmutableX’s web3 gaming platform leveraging zero-knowledge proofs to enable infinite scalability, Angelic is able to create a community-driven game economy with player ownership and non-fungible tokens (NFTs).

“It is great to see prominent AAA-level gaming companies such as Metaverse Games Studios actively embrace digital ownership and player-led gaming models. We are thrilled to offer the full suite of ImmutableX’s tools and solutions and collaborate with their team to deliver the fairest, most inclusive, and innovative Web3 experience possible to all Angelic players,” noted Andrew Sorokovsky, VP of Global Business Development at Immutable.

Angelic’s Alpha test is scheduled for release in January with the public release also set during Q1 2023.



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