Metaverse Firm Yesports Taps Latin America’s 2021 League of Legends Champions Infinity eSports

Yesports is looking to onboard 55 million eSports fans from latin America into the metaverse after sealing partnership with Infinity.
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  • Infinity eSports is foraying into the metaverse after teaming up with metaverse firm Yesports.
  • The 2021 Liga Latinoamérica (LLA) champions are planning to bring a series of team products into the 3D virtual world.
  • This will be the first time Yesports has partnered with a Latin American-based eSports team.

Yesports has tapped Latin America-based eSports team Infinity in its first foray into the region. The two companies have announced a partnership that will enable Infinity to sell team-related products in the metaverse. 

Yesports is a metaverse firm that focuses on extending eSports experiences in the metaverse. The company has teamed up with several eSports teams, enabling them to roll out their products to their fans in the 3D virtual space.

Yesports is looking to tap into Latin America’s 55 million eSports fanbase and Infinity eSports, which won the Infinity won the 2021 LLA (Riot Games official League of Legends tournament), thus becoming the top eSports team in the region.

Yesports creates a hub for each team allowing its fans to access various web3 products, including an NFT marketplace, which allows them to mint team-related NFTs. Teams can also offer their fans exclusive VIP tickets to events, as well as, access to a private clubhouse in the metaverse.

Commenting on the partnership, Sebastian Quinn, founder and CEO of Yesports expressed his excitement about adding Infinity and by extension the Latin America eSports community to its metaverse.

“I am also thrilled to be joining Infinity as a Web3 advisor to support their growth. As 2021 LLA champions, INFINITY represents one of many top teams we are bringing onto our world-leading esports NFT marketplace and into Web3,” he added.

Infinity is expanding its gaming franchise beyond the League of Legends with participation in PUBG, Counter-Strike, FIFA, Dota2, and more. This allows Yesports to cast a wider net in a bid to onboard the Latin American community to the metaverse.

The eSports gaming segment is one of the most sought-after verticals for competitive gaming in the metaverse. Last month, metaverse developer Atmos Labs raised $11 million from venture capital investors to build immersive eSports experiences.

On the other hand, BUFF, which provides gaming technology to eSports teams teamed up with Web3 game developer MonkeyLeague in its first foray into the metaverse.

The metaverse has become a focus of several industries amid reports it could reach a $5 trillion valuation within this decade.

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