MetaStreet Joins Forces with Meta4 Capital to Co-host First Annual Metaverse Economic Forum

The conference will focus on the economic infrastructure of the metaverse.
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Quick take:

  • The Metaverse Economic Forum is dedicated to projects building the financial infrastructure of the metaverse.
  • Leading industry players will debate and discuss the complex challenges within the industry.
  • Speakers include the founders of CyberKongz, Ethereum Name Services, ReadyPlayerDAO and more.

MetaStreet and crypto-focusd fund, Meta4 Capital, have teamed up to co-host the upcoming Metaverse Economic Forum (MEF) set to take place at the historic 8 Northumberland Avenue in Westminster, London on Nov 4, 2022.

The MEF will be the first-ever conference dedicated entirely to projects building financial infrastructure for the metaverse. At the event, top projects and investors in the space will come together to explore and debate complex and granular challenges within the industry.

MEF intends to create an intimate, exclusive and credible discussion forum with cutting-edge thinkers, builders and investors in the space, including founders of NFT, DAOs, DeFi and gaming projects.

They will debate and discuss their latest thinking on the composable foundations of metaverse economies through diametrically opposing beliefs. 

Speakers include the founders of NFT lending platform Arcade, ReadyPlayerDAO, Ethereal Ventures, CyberKongz, Ethereum Name Services, NFT market maker Spicyest and NFT derivatives platform Putty. 

Topics to be discussed range from debates on yield vs labour in the metaverse and NFT social graphs to hedging strategies undertaken by leading metaverse lenders. While the topics may be wide-ranging, each panel of speakers are uniquely positioned to offer deep, thoughtful insights on the topics as experts on the subject matter.

“As major participants in, and builders of, Metaverse financial infrastructure, we speak with cutting-edge projects and founders on a daily basis,” said David Choi, co-founder and CEO of MetaStreet. “What we want to do with MEF is shine some light on those conversations, and share with the world some of the mind-blowing innovations taking place in our industry today – including at MetaStreet.”

The format of the conference leans towards content creation and digital distribution beyond the small in-person crowd such that participants can benefit both from the clarity that comes only from personal conversations and digital reach.

“While the vast majority of news about the industry focuses on the flashy surface level of NFTs – from profile pictures to gaming assets – we have found that to really understand the potential disruption at hand, you have to peek under the hood and talk to the builders bringing forth zero-to-one innovations at an alarmingly fast cadence.“ said Brandon Buchanan, founder and Managing Partner of Meta4 Capital.

More speakers will be added to the roster in the coming days. Those interested in attending the event can reserve their tickets and learn more about the conference, schedule and speakers at

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