Meta’s ‘Worst Kept’ VR Secret Leaked Out in a Hotel

Meta highly advertised VR headset, dubbed project Cambria may have been leaked in a hotel according to one lucky hotel worker.
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Quick take:

  • Meta’s highly hyped VR headset may have been leaked out by a person in a hotel.
  • Mark Zuckerberg has been talking up the headset saying it is made for the “high-end price spectrum”.
  • Ramiro Cardenas leaked out the images of the device saying it has most likely been renamed Meta Quest Pro.

One lucky hotel worker claims to have come across Meta’s highly hyped VR headset. Ramiro Cardenas said he found what looks like Mark Zuckerberg’s ‘worst kept’ VR secret while tending to a room after the occupant checked out.

Previously referred to as “Project Cambria” the new Oculus VR headset was teased last October with Zuckerberg saying it is made for the “high-end price spectrum”. But according to Cardenas, the device will most likely be called “Meta Quest Pro”.

There has been speculation dating as far back as July about the name of Meta’s new Oculus VR headset. In a previous article discussing Meta’s new login system, NFTgators mentioned that Quest Pro had been tipped to be the new moniker for the device.

The thinking around this was that the company wants its revolutionary Quest hardware to be central to its metaverse, thus making Quest Pro a plausible name for its ‘premium’ VR headset.

According to the teaser released last October, the high-end VR headset would have cameras that send high-resolution full-colour video to its screens with face and eye-tracking.

The device was set for launch next month, if not for the forgetful hotel guest and the ‘spoiler’ unveiling made by the hotel worker.

Now, Zuckerberg’s expensive VR headset is out there for all to see ahead of its official launch.

Cardenas shared his “unboxing” of the device publicly in a Facebook video under the pseudonym Zectariuz Gaming with the tag phrase “QUEST PRO LEAK”.

According to The Verge, the guest who forgot the engineering sample of the Quest Pro VR headset in the hotel was eventually reunited with the device.

Cardenas’ Zectariuz profile on social media indicates that he has been following the Oculus VR project closely. Speaking to Kotaku about the occurrence, he said the bag was found in the hallway outside the room, mistaken as trash.

“Since [it was] a large black bag, alone in the hallway for hours until guests complained that it was in the way,” he said.

Upon attempting to throw the “trash” away, he saw the Oculus VR box and thought someone took the device and left the empty box, before noticing that the boxes were black to suggest the device was still inside.

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